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January 2014

Important Informational Meetings.

December 2014

Dr. J. Gregory McVerry presents at Annual Literacy Research Association

October 2014

Southern Future Teachers Organization Plan Fundraising Walk 


August 2014

Dr. Bower-Phipps Interviewed about the Rain of Hope Charity.

 July 2014

New Dean of the School of Education Joins the Gear Up Celebration
Education Department Launches Digital Teaching and Learning Classroom Specialist 6th Year

June 2014
First Cohort of the Urban Fellows Graduate

 May 2014
Education Department Faculty Honored at SCSU's Celebration of Excellence

Education Department Hosts Information Meeting.

Informational Meetings - Education Department - Undergraduate Programs

Monday Jan 26th from 1:00-2:00 in DA 226 TOPIC: Testing requirements for Elementary, Early Childhood, and Collaborative Students.

Thursday Jan 29th from 3:00-4:00 in DA 120 TOPIC: Testing requirements for Elementary, Early Childhood, and Collaborative Students

Monday March 2nd from 1:00-2:00 in DA 226 TOPIC: Preparing for an ADVISING session, understanding your Degree Evaluation, program requirements, and general questions.

Tuesday March 3rd from 3:00-4:00 in DA 120 TOPIC: Preparing for an ADVISING session, understanding your Degree Evaluation, program requirements, and general questions


Dr. J. Gregory McVerry presents at Annual Literacy Research Association Conference


Over December 3-6 Dr. McVerry presented three papers and five overall sessions at the annual Literacy Research Association conference. LRA is the premier conference for both national and international literacy scholars and Dr. McVerry is considered one of the worldwide leading researchers in digital media and literacy learning. As e-editor for LRA Dr. McVerry is also integral in helping the LRA president and board adapt to the 21st century.

His first session highlighted Doug Belshaw, (presentation here) the web literacy guru for Mozilla. Doug leads an effort, to which Dr. McVerry contributes,  to map web literacy and ensure the web remains open and independent.  After Doug's talk a panelist of experts including: Richard BeachUniversity of Minnesota; Amy StornaiuoloUniversity of Pennsylvania; Bridget DaltonUniversity of Colorado Boulder; and Colin HarrisonUniversity of Nottingham provided context and critical feedback to the web literacy map.

Greg then presented a paper on Socially Complex Texts as part of a session he organized with Ian O'Byrne and George Hruby on Clipped Texts: A Dialog on Fractionated Conceptions of Text. Presenters included George Hruby, P. David Pearson, Elfrieda Heibert, Anne McGill-Franzen, Frank Serafini, Greg McVerry, Ian O'Byrne, Margaret Hagood, Roni Jo Draper, and Kelly Chandler-Olcott.

This session brought forth the leading worldwide experts in literacy to explore the issue of instructional texts. The session also highlighted the changing nature of literacy as it was done in the style of Pecha Kucha. A Pecha Kucha session gives you 20 slides that auto advance after 2o seconds.

Here is the overview presented by Dr. Hruby and Dr. McVerry's session on Socially Complex Texts. Dr. McVerry is editing all of the presentations and uploading them to the LRA YouTube channel so make sure to check back soon.






Greg then presented a session on "Reconceptualizing Rigor in Digital Literacy Research: Implications for Practice." The presentation called for more open scholarship, detailed how trust is the most important element in rigor, and asked for greater recognition of digital scholarship in the promotion and tenure process.

This presentation, an alternative to a traditional paper, was part of a session organized by Hiller Spires and Michelle Hagerman on Reconceptualizing Rigor in Digital Literacy Research. Presenters included Dr. McVerry, Dr. Spires, Dr. Hagerman, Dr. Bernedette Dwyer, Dr. Margaret Hagood,  Dr. Emily Skinner, and Dr. Julie Coiro. 

Greg then presented his research into the #Walkmyworld project that he helped to organize. The session, on The Best MOOCs are accidental, looked at #Walkmyworld, a ten week poetry project completed by students from New Zealand to Canada in grades ranging from Kindergarten to Graduate School. Together hundreds of people across the globs explored the poetry of Robert Hass while sharing snapshots of their life on instagram.

#Walkmyworld was an open learning project that emerged from Dr. McVerry's six year interest in exploring US Poet Laureates using digital texts and tools.  

Southern's Future Teachers Organization Plan Fundraising Walk


On October 1st, Southern’s Future Teachers Organization welcomed Jennifer Ricker, creator of Rain of Hope to a body meeting. Jennifer gave a detailed presentation on Rain of Hope and the importance of afterschool programming. She spoke to members of SFTO about how community service, and the outside world may affect children. One Rain of Hope program that took place in a near by school was called “Music Matters.” During “Music Matters,” a class of fifth graders learned about the meaning behind the lyrics of the songs that they listen to. Over the fifteen-week program, the students created a song of their own, stressing the importance that lyrics have on their daily lives.  

Jennifer’s presentation also gave a little bit more meaning to the one of Southern’s Future Teachers Organization’s upcoming events: The 1st Annual Teacher Trot: 5k and 1-Mi Fun Run, a fundraiser to benefit Rain of Hope. Registration for this event is live at

Dr. Bower-Phipps interviewed about her work supporting the Rain of Hope Charity


Laura Bower-Phipps, associate professor of elementary education, was interviewed during the Monday night newscast on Channel 8 about her participation in “Rain of Hope,” a non-profit, after-school program in which kids are encouraged to help change the world for the better through community service projects.

Dr. Phipps has served as a technical advisor and now serves as a full partner in the program. Last year Rain of Hope served 1oo students in the Greater New Haven area. Teacher candidates have been writing the the Rain of Hope curriculum. A few select students are even chosen to teach in Rain of Hope schools.

New Dean of the school of education Joins Gear Up Celebration


Dean Hegedus

Dr. Stephen Hegedus, newly appointed Dean of the School of Education,  joined the Gear Up Summer Academy for pizza and dancing at the #GearUpNH Soaring Higher celebration.

The festivities capped a month long journey for the Gear Up students of New Haven. Dr. Hegedus joined the students for the party. He shared slices and discussed the importance of college and career readiness.  Students then spotted the Dean slicing up the dance floor as Dr Hegedus  joined a circle of dancers and showcased his best moves.

The students seemed impressed and were eager to share their stories of the Soaring Higher Summer Academy. The young scholars participate in a  Gaining  Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Program grant. As one of three Board of Regents partnerships across the state, Southern Connecticut State University and New Haven Public Schools  offers many opportunities to the youth of New Haven. As part of the grant young scholars can apply for a chance to spend July on campus.

This summer the students attended morning academics, chose enrichment activities, and attended cultural field trips. Many students performed with the dance squad or theatre group. The dancers put on a student choreographed show and the theatre group performed a play they co-wrote.

gear up

On the day of the Soaring Higher celebration #GearUpNH provided pizza from the  Big Green Truck and arranged for a DJ. The students, counselors, teachers, and faculty of #GearUpNH were happy to welcome Dean Stephen Hegedus.


Want to be a digital teaching and learning classroom specialist?


New digital texts and tools emerge each day that change the way we teach and learn. Connecticut classrooms need teachers trained as specialists in digital teaching and learning. More importantly our students need teachers who can utilize the affordances of new technology.

Photo: Tyler Varnell. (2014). EdCampCT


Earn your 6th Year Professional Diploma as a Classroom Teacher Specialist that focus on digital teaching and learning.  We designed the digital teaching and learning specialization.  for teachers who want to harness the power of technology to transform their teaching. Our digital teaching and learning concentration builds upon two principles across the 6th year classroom specialist program:

  • As educators who we must prepare students with new skills and practices for a complex and ever shaping world.
  • Teachers can  use digital tools to both enhance proven pedagogical strategies and create new opportunities and spaces for learning.

The Classroom Teacher Specialist Six Year is designed with flexibility in mind. Classes are offered online, as hybrid, weeklong summer institutes, and in person.  You will work with your advisor to develop a timeline that meets the demands of your life, profession, and career goals.


INAUGURAL Urban fellows graduate


This past May the first cohort of SNAP Urban Fellows graduated and quicklu  found employment across Connecticut. The fellows credited the program with their job placement noting that principals hold graduates of the Urban Fellows program in high-esteem.
The SNAP Urban Education Fellows are a select group of SCSU School of Education undergraduate students committed to urban education. SNAP, Southern New Haven Academy for Professional Development, is a partnership between Southern and the New Haven School system.
Urban Education Fellows engage in curricular and extra-curricular activities focused on urban education, represent SCSU in SNAP initiatives, and complete their core field placements in SNAP schools. Urban Education Fellows complete their course work in classes  taught in SNAP schools, attend monthly seminars, and participate in SNAP initiative activities.
For more information about SNAP contact Helen Marx or Lauren Bower-Phipps.




Education Department Faculty honored at university's celebration of Excellence

Two members of the education department were recently honored at Southern Connecticut State University's Celebration of Excellence. The awards committee presented Dr. J. Gregory McVerry with a Joan Finn Junior Faculty Research Fellowship. The Board of Regents recognized Dr. Laura Bower-Phipps with the SCSU Teaching Award.

Dr. McVerry will receive research support to investigate new pedagogical methods to teaching critical evaluation of websites and argumentative writing. He will be creating and testing a series of video tutorials that have students encounter biased think alouds of electronic sources. Dr. McVerry hopes that students will learn important sourcing skills and have the opportunity to analyze argumentative text structures.

Dr. Bower-Phipps was recognized by the Board of Regents for SCSU's Teaching Award. Each year the Board of Regents selects one professor from each campus to be recognized for their innovative teaching. Dr. Bower-Phipps earned this year award for her tireless efforts working with students. She embeds formative assessments, teaches using a reflective cycle and is always available for students.

The education department wished to congratulate our faculty.