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6th Year Educational Coach

An Interdisciplinary Program

Program Description

This sixth year program is an interdisciplinary and collaborative program combining the efforts and expertise of the Special Education Department and Elementary Education Department. This program is a proactive move toward the future demands that will be placed on educators. It has a strong focus on the educational process of instruction and assessment. The program takes a holistic approach to an education, an approach that requires educators to see the whole of education as it relates to the individual components of the educational system.

Program Goals

As an Educational Coach, the student completing this program will be able to assist the classroom teacher in developing curriculum and assessment strategies for all students with an emphasis on inclusive classrooms. An Educational Coach will also be skilled in management strategies for both individual and group situations and will be able to guide educators with any legal issues as well as lead staff development programs


The sixth year program will develop competencies in:

  • Collaboration and coaching
  • Diversification of instruction
  • Understanding educational law
  • Classroom Management

All students must complete thirty credits. All students must complete the following courses:

  • EDU 611 Curriculum Theories: Development and Implementation in the Classroom

  • EDU 612 The Teaching and Learning Process

  • EDU 524 Law for the Classroom Teacher

  • SED 527 Classroom Group Processes

  • SED 610 Applied Behavioral Analysis

  • SED 621 Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills

  • SED 622 Consultation and Support

  • SED 623 Advanced Consultation and Collaboration

  • SED 624 In-Service Training and Workshops

  • IDS 506 Techniques in Special and Regular Education Instruction

*** All students must demonstrate proof of cultural competency (i.e., course, CEU workshop) if not met than an additional course will be required.

Admission to the Program

In addition to satisfying general admission requirements for graduate studies, candidates must hold a master’s degree, have a 3.0 GPA and possess certification in any educational area. Applicants after applying to the graduate program and receiving the letter of acceptance are interviewed by one of the Program Coordinators and must provide two letters or recommendation and a resume.

Program Coordinators

Dr. Christine Villani
Graduate Coordinator, Professor
Elementary Education
Davis Hall 115G

 Dr. Ronald Tamura
Assistant Professor
Special Education
Davis Hall 210C