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academic coursework - early childhood program




Students who major in early childhood education must take the following core cours.

Gate I (Pre Admission Gate)

To Be Taken Before Admission to the Early Childhood Program:

EDU 206: Principles of Early Childhood Education (3 cr.)
SED 225: Introduction to Exceptionalities;
or SED 481: Teaching Exceptional Children in the Elementary Classrooms (3 cr.)

Gate II

To be taken Only After Admission to the Early Childhood Program:

*EDU 305: Beginning Readers
EDU 308: Children's Literature and Literacy (Early Childhood)
* EDU 309: Integrated Curriculum in Pre-K- K
SED 235: Early Childhood: Exceptional Individual

Gate III

*EDU 306 — Developing Readers
*EDU 312 — Integrated Curriculum in the Primary Classroom
EDU 319 — Math, Science and Technology for the Early Childhood
EDU 322 — Family School and Community Partnership
SED 365- — Academic Assessment and Remediation for Exceptional Individuals
IDS 471 — English Language Learners in the Classroom

* Courses marked with an asterix (*) must be taken concurrently. Fieldwork is a major component of these two courses.

Gate IV

Upon the successful completion of the above courses and completion of second major, students will take:

Student Teaching:
(a) EDU 300-Student Teaching I: Full day student teaching experience at the nursery or kindergarten level in an inclusive setting (6 cr.);
(b) EDU 400- Student Teaching II: Ten-week, full day student teaching experience in grades 1, 2, or 3 (6 cr.).Student Teaching Seminar: EDU 485 (1.5 cr.).

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