Summary of Informational Meeting

Below are highlights of the informational meeting held Saturday, November 9: 1) to share answers to common questions students and alumni are asking; and 2) to ask student input and help in drafting a plan to phasedown course offerings each semester over the next four semesters as we move toward December 2015.

Southern’s MLS degrees awarded through December 2015 are ALA-accredited.

ALA as the accrediting body maintains the list of ALA-accredited programs 1925-present. An employer or other interested person can refer to the ALA website to confirm whether a degree from a given university is ALA-accredited. If you look at this list you will see Southern listed as accredited 1970/71 to December 2015.

Accredited Library and Information Studies Master's Programs from 1925 through Present:

AASL-Recognized Programs Historical List, 1989 – present:

Graduate Programs in Library and Information Studies That Are Not Accredited By the American Library Association (ALA) Committee on Accreditation As of 2005: 

The employer decides on the qualifications needed for a job. There are many fine graduate programs in library science that are not ALA-accredited. However, some employers do state that they want to hire graduates of an ALA-accredited program (the job ad states ALA-accredited MLS degree required or preferred). To ensure that you will always meet this qualification, we want to ensure that you have every opportunity to complete the MLS degree at Southern by December 2015 so that your MLS degree from Southern will be ALA-accredited.

You have until December 2015 to complete your degree requirements at Southern and be awarded an ALA-accredited MLS degree. Many/most ALA-accredited programs will accept up to 9 credits from other ALA-accredited programs. Students with 12 or more credits toward the MLS degree should focus on how to complete remaining degree requirements at Southern by December 2015. Students with 9 or fewer credits who plan to complete degree requirements after 2015 should explore the option to transfer and weigh the advantages of a transfer against the advantages of revising plans and completing the MLS degree at Southern by December 2015. 

Your advisor, the program coordinator, and your professors are ready to help you gather the information you need to make informed decisions about completing your MLS degree. 

A number of handouts were distributed to students at the informational meeting, including:

The planned offering of core and elective courses through Summer 2014 and the phasedown plan for the core required courses. Electives for Fall 2014 – Fall 2015 have yet to be determined and will be based on the most efficient selection based on student credit needs and course preferences. Handout: Course Phasedown Plan

A form to record your plans for completing the MLS degree by Fall 2015. Students who did not submit the form at the meeting should complete and submit (soon) a copy for use in helping to determine the electives to be offered beyond Summer 2014. The PERSONAL PLAN FOR DEGREE COMPLETION form should be submitted to the department office via fax (1.203.392.5780), attachment (, or mail (ILS, Buley 401, SCSU, 501 Crescent Street, New Haven CT 06515). Handout: Personal Plan for Degree Completion

Information on a summer international travel and study opportunity: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Informatics (ILS 630/ILS499) (3 credits) / joint offering: ILS 619 S70 Medical Bibliography and Libraries (3 credits), May 21 - June 5, 2014 in China (including Beijing and Tianjin)

Information on a summer Institute: MakerSpace 2.0: Retinkering Libraries (3 credits), August 2014