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Graduation Check List and Portfolio Requirement


Graduation Check List

1. Transcript

You should review your Banner transcript and verify that all courses including 6 core courses taken toward the degree are recorded and that all grades are accurate.  You must pass all classes with a grade of ‘B’ or higher within a period of six years prior to the granting of the master’s degree. Otherwise, the classes will not count toward graduation.

2. Capstone Experience 

You should complete either one of these three options: Comprehensive Exam, Special Project, or Thesis. This capstone experience is required by the Graduate School.  After you complete one of the three, you should receive a approval letter from the Graduate School Dean.

3. MLIS Degree Portfolio (or E-Portfolio)

You should send your MLIS degree portfolio (or e-portfolio) as an email attachment to the Information and Library Science Office by the end of the semester.  MLIS Degree Portfolio Template is available online.

4. Degree Application

You should complete a Graduate degree application. For application deadlines and form, go to

5. Commencement Ceremony (OPTIONAL)

If you plan to participate in a graduation ceremony (held in May), fill out the application form at





All students are required to submit an e-portfolio to the ILS Department.  The portfolio contains six major pieces:

1) the list of Student Goals and Learning Outcomes;

2) a list of courses taken in the MLIS program;

3) Capstone Experience;

4) a discussion of personal goals and professional development;

5) a reflection on the Student Learning Outcomes;

6) a resume.

Student e-portfolio evaluations are carried out by the Department’s Capstone Experience Committee.

Instructions for Completing the MLIS Degree Portfolio:

  1. All materials are linked below.
  2. Use the MLIS Degree Portfolio Template to assemble the six components listed above.
  3. Use the MLIS Degree Portfolio Rubric to guide your work.
  4. The Capstone Experience may be a link to online work, or an Appendix to the Template.
  5. When complete, send a copy to your academic advisor for review.
  6. Please direct any questions to your academic advisor.


Links to materials:

MLIS Student Learning Outcomes

MLIS Degree Portfolio Template

MLIS Degree Portfolio Rubric


Last updated: May 22, 2018