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General Information for all ILS programs 

Continuation in good standing 

From the time of acceptance by the Graduate School until the completion of all requirements for the degree, each student must be enrolled every fall and spring term in at least three-credits of coursework or in GED 740. Continuation in a graduate program is contingent upon ongoing positive faculty evaluation of a graduate student's grades, professional or scholarly attributes, performance in real or simulated professional situations, and subjective appraisal of the student's progress and potential. A student may be suspended or dismissed from a graduate program for deficiencies in any of these areas.

Continuation in the undergraduate program is contingent upon ongoing positive faculty evaluation of an undergraduate student's grades, professional or scholarly attributes, performance in real or simulated professional situations, and subjective appraisal of the student's progress and potential. A student may be suspended or dismissed from the undergraduate program for deficiencies in any of these areas.

The Master of Library Science degree requires completion of a total of 36 credits (or approximately 12 courses) To graduate from this program, all students must complete the five core courses (see below) and seven elective courses with a grade of "B" or higher in each course. A course can be repeated and a grade of "B" or higher must be achieved. Failure to receive a grade of "B" or higher in a core course, or if a cumulative grade point average falls below 3.0, may result in academic probation and possible academic dismissal. Students earn credit only once for a repeated course. [Effective 2008-2009.]

Academic Records File

From the time of acceptance into an ILS program until the completion of all requirements for the degree or certificate or diploma, each student should maintain a personal file of all communications and records associated with their academic study. Begin with you acceptance letter. Each semester check Banner to verify all courses taken and correct grades are recorded (print a copy of the unofficial Banner transcript for your records).


Faculty generally place textbook orders directly with the university bookstore. To find the textbooks that have been ordered for your classes, use the interactive Buy Your Textbooks On-Line Today! from Southern's Bookstore.  

University ID
The University Card Office is located in the Wintergreen Building, room 109. The new Hoot Loot identification and debit card system serves as the university ID card and eliminates the need to use cash at food service outlets, the bookstore, the library and, even some off campus vendors. Staff and faculty can also use the Hoot Loot card as a library card. And, by depositing money in a Hoot Loot account, it can be used as a debit card at the SCSU Bookstore, the Coca-Cola and snack vending machine, the Owl's Nest and other campus food service outlets. Public photocopiers, Tyco copying services and local area vendors will be added during the fall semester, and by spring, laundry machines will be included, as well.

In addition, users will have the opportunity to link their Hoot Loot card with an account at the Southern Connecticut Federal Credit Union, which plans to open a branch on campus in the near future. With this strictly optional and separate account, a Hoot Loot card can act as an ATM card, providing bank services at any automated teller around the world. For more details, call the University Card Office at (203) 392-7077, fax 203-392-7013, or e-mail questions to

Normal hours of operation are Monday 8 am - 6 pm and Tuesday-Friday 8 am -4:30 pm. Distance students who require a university ID should contact the University Card Office via email for more specific information. 

MySCSU Email Accounts 

Activate Your E-mail Account at Southern. If you have not already done so, activate your Southern e-mail account immediately. Through this account, you will receive all official correspondence from the university. In addition, you will access important information concerning registration dates, advisement dates, your student accounts, and your financial aid. To activate your account, please do the following:

DISCLAIMER: Your MySCSU e-mail address is your official university notification address. The university is not responsible for any difficulties that arise when you select a third-party server (AOL, Hotmail, etc.) as your preferred provider. In addition, to assure confidentiality of student records, you must use your MySCSU account when contacting the university via e-mail. Otherwise, it is impossible for university staff to be confident that we are responding to you rather than another party.

Parking Permit
 All vehicles operated or parked on campus at any time must properly display an SCSU parking decal. Vehicle owners and operators must register their vehicles at the University Police Department (located in the Granoff Student Health Center, Telephone: (203) 392-5375.). Persons seeking a decal must present, at the time of application, a current, valid operator's license and a current, valid vehicle registration. Students must also present their class schedule as proof of their registration.

Student Services


Preparing for graduation

In order to receive a degree, the student must apply for the degree by the posted deadlines. The degree will not be posted until the Undergraduate Degree Application or Graduate Degree Application is properly filed and a degree audit is successfully completed. If the degree is not posted, the student has not been granted and does not hold the expected degree.

In addition, MLS students must complete the departmental Student MLS Degree Audit Checklist form and file one copy with the department office and one copy with the MLS Program Coordinator within the first two weeks of the semester in which they will complete their program/graduate.

Documentation of degree 

Diplomas are prepared and mailed to students generally within six months of the degree being posted. (If the diploma has not received six months after the degree is posted, contact the Registrar's office.)

The Registrar's office provides interactive forms for times when you need to have a Verification of degree or an official Transcript. If an unofficial transcript will do, you can use Banner.  

Course Schedules (by semester) 

Textbooks needed for classes (find and purchase online)

Student Handbook (of students rights and responsibilities 

University Card Office (for student ID)

Parking Regulations

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New Academic Standing Policy for the MLS degree program

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