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Department Curriculum Committee

Membership 2012-2013  

William Baker [Alumni, MLS '11]

Kelly Barrick [Part-time faculty]

Mary Brown* [Full-time faculty]

Yunseon Choi [Full-time faculty] 

Mary Engels [State Library]

David Feinmark [Buley Library]

Miguel Garcia  [Graduate Student]

Carol Geary [Graduate Student]

Chang Suk Kim [Full-time faculty]

Naomi Lee [Graduate Student; Alumni, BS '11]

Yan Quan Liu [Full-time faculty]

Rolando Milian [Alumni, MLS '11]

Elsie Okobi [Full-time faculty]

Michael Riordan [Graduate Student]

Josephine Sche  [Full-time faculty]

Stephanie Shteirman [Part-time faculty; Alumni, MLS '00]

Eino Sierpe [Full-time faculty]

Priscilla Ubysz [Part-time faculty]

     *DCC chair, 2012-13

     **DCC secretary, 2012-13 

DCC Archives [2012-2013]


ILS Submission for PK-4 observation school [pdf] on/near campus   

March 14, 2012 meeting

     Agenda [pdf]

     Attachments [pdf]

           Proposed Policy on Authorship

     Minutes [pdf]




February 2013 [Northeast Blizzard of 2013; 3 feet of snow on campus]

     [cancelled due to weather]

     [State ban on driving lifted 4 pm on Saturday, February 9; university reopens Feb. 13]


February 2 and 3, 2013 meeting [school media sub-committee meeting]

     Agenda [Updating to the 2015 state regulations (passed but not implemented)]

     Mary Brown, Stephanie Shteirman, Mary Ellen Minichiello, Caitlin Augusta


December 20, 2012 meeting

Minutes [webpage]



November 2012 meeting

  Email concerning [pdf]

      [cancelled post-"Superstorm Sandy"]


October 11, 2012 meeting

     Agenda [pdf]

     Attachments [pdf]

          School Media Minor Program Revision

           Minor Revision SMS PP

           Initial Educator Minor Program Revision

           Minor Revision Initial Educator PP

           MLS Minor Program Revision

           Minor Revision MLS PP

           ILS 580 Minor Course Revision

           ILS 586 Course Proposal

           ILS 587 Course Proposal

           ILS 590 Minor Course Revision

     Minutes [pdf]




September 13, 2012 meeting

     Agenda [pdf]

     Attachments [pdf]

          ALA/COA Standard II Draft

           ILS 501 Rubric

           ILS 503 Rubric

           ILS 504 Rubric

           ILS 506 Rubric

           ILS 565 Rubric

           ILS 580 Rubric

           ILS Special Project Rubric

           ILS Portfolio Rubric

           ILS 511 Rubric

           ILS 512 Rubric

           ILS 562 Rubric

           EDU 566 Rubric

           ILS 581 Rubric 

     Minutes [pdf]




August 30, 2012 meeting [online]

     Agenda [pdf]


December 3, 2011 meeting  

     Summary Notes [pdf]


Template for DCC minutes of meetings [.docx]



Last updated: March 16, 2013