Professor Brown's Summer 2014 Course Offerings

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ILS 300 S7W Literature for Children

Course Description: Critical study of literature for children. Included are folklore, poetry, fiction and nonfiction as well as discussions of outstanding writers and illustrators, past and present. 

Required Readings:


ILS 517 S70 History of Children's Literature 

Course Description: Study of materials that have lasted over the years and examination of periodic trends and social patterns which produced them. Emerging types of children's writing and major authors are considered. 

Required Readings:


ILS 565 S70 Library Management

Course Description: An examination of the general principles and practices of library management. 

Required Readings:


ILS 580 S70 Research in Information and Library Science

Course Description: Fundamentals of quantitative and qualitative research methods will be studied. Central research findings and research literature of the field are considered. (Formerly ILS 680)

Required Readings


ILS 599 80 MakerSpace 2.0: Retinkering Libraries 

Course Description: An institute that will explore the history of tinkering, today’s maker movement, design and management of a MakerSpace , libraries as tinkering spaces, partnerships with schools. 

Required Readings and Resources:



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