Portfolio Requirement For the MLS Degree

ILS students need to begin the portfolio upon matriculation into the program

Beginning Summer 2014, the portfolio will be reviewed in each required course – ILS 501, ILS 503, ILS 504, ILS 506, ILS 565, ILS 580 – to ensure relevant artifacts from that course have been added and linked to the appropriate ALA Core Competency statements. [passed 5/21/2014]

The Department of Information and Library Science requires all candidates for the MLS to complete an electronic Portfolio as one of the exit requirements for the degree. The Capstone Portfolio is a well-organized Web- and CD-deliverable demonstration of the body of work a student completes in the MLS program and how this work relates to professional competencies. The portfolio includes the Capstone Experience (university requirement) and samples  of assignments and projects from all courses completed for the MLS degree.

All students in the MLS program are required to submit a Portfolio that is a digital record of the work they have completed in the MLS program and how that work relates to the American Library Association (ALA)'s Core Competences for Librarians (Approved and adopted as policy by the ALA Council, January 27th 2009). The Core Competences can be found on the ALA website. 

Where appropriate, students are encouraged to also link MLS work to knowledge and competencies statements developed by relevant professional organizations. These many be found on the ALA website.

Beginning the Portfolio:    

All students develop in or by the end of ILS 501, the skills to create a Website and to download that Website to a professional-looking CD product. Each student should construct the framework for the Portfolio by the end of ILS 501.

Core Competencies:        

In or by the end of ILS 503, all students should have an understanding of the core competencies and how to relate coursework to the competencies.

Completing the Portfolio:   

Each semester the student should expand the Portfolio by adding materials from current courses to the appropriate areas of the portfolio framework.

Passing the Portfolio:        

The Portfolio will be reviewed and passed by the Special Project Committee and/or a Portfolio Committee.

Submitting the Portfolio:   

In the final semester of the MLS program, the Portfolio will be submitted on a CD to the ILS office to become part of the student's file. The Portfolio will contain the Special Project Proposal, documentation of the Product of the Special Project work, and the Special Project Report.


Both the Special Project and the Portfolio must be passed in order to qualify for graduation from the MLS degree program.  

Last updated: May 22, 2014