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ILS Undergraduate Admissions

Application Deadlines 

Freshman: May 1 is the last day to submit freshman applications for admission the following fall semester.

Transfer Students: July 15 is the last day to submit transfer applications for admission the following fall semester. 

Admission Requirements

Prior to actual admission, applicants should have graduated from, and completed 16 units in, an accredited secondary school. Secondary school study should consist of college preparatory work in the following areas:

  • English (4 years)
  • Mathematics (3 years)
  • Natural sciences (2 years)
  • Social sciences, including U.S. History (2 years)

In addition, at least two years of a modern foreign language are recommended. Students who present a State Equivalency Diploma will also be considered.

Acceptance to the University

Because of limited instructional personnel and facilities, the number of applicants accepted for admission may be limited, with preference given to those candidates who, in the judgment of university officials, present, through their academic and personal qualifications, the greatest potential for successful collegiate performance.

Acceptance to the Department

Students must maintain a minimum QPR of 2.7.

Before the end of the Sophomore Year, students who wish to major or minor in Library Information Services or minor in instructional technology or training and development should call the department office at 203-392-5781 (or toll free at 1-888-500-SCSU, then press 4) to schedule an appointment with the ILS undergraduate coordinator.

A consortium enables students enrolled at the other three Connecticut State Universities to take undergraduate courses in information and library science at Southern Connecticut State University.

Applying to Southern 

Next Steps (in applying)

Online Undergraduate Application

Undergraduate Catalog online

Request a printed Undergraduate Catalog (plus viewbook, application, housing application, and transfer guide)

Last updated: March 9, 2013