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Information and Library Science

School of Education  

The Department of Information and Library Science of Southern Connecticut State University is an academic unit offering an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Library-Information Service, graduate programs leading to the Master of Library Science and to the Sixth Year Professional Diploma in Information Studies, and a certification program in School Library Media Specialist. The Bachelor of Science in Library-Information Service integrates coursework in information science, library science, and interdisciplinary studies. The Master of Library Science (MLS), accredited by the American Library Association (ALA), offers preparation for careers in all types of libraries and a range of information occupations. Distance learning, leading to the ALA-accredited MLS degree is licensed and accredited by the Board of Governors, Department of Higher Education, State of Connecticut. Connecticut Certification as a School Library Media Specialist is accredited by NCATE.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Management and Services (formally Library-Information Service) degree program prepares graduates for careers in a variety of information-based fields. The program also prepares graduates for support positions in libraries. A core of six required courses (18 credit hours) and a required Senior Capstone project provide a solid base of professional competencies after the ALA's Core Competences of Librarianship and include foundations of the information profession, information resources, organization of recorded knowledge and information, technological knowledge and skills, organization of information and memory institutions, and research in information and library services. The Connecticut Community Technical College (CTC) System (specifically Capital and Three Rivers CTCs) and Southern Connecticut State University have establish an agreement to expedite the transfer of students from Certificate and Associate Degree Programs in Library Service at the Connecticut CTCs to the Bachelor of Science in Library-Information Service Degree Program at Southern Connecticut State University.  This agreement will provide the opportunity for Connecticut CTC graduates of Library Service programs to expand their career options by continuing their studies at the baccalaureate.