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Background Checks

As of January 1, 2018, each school/school district placing students for observation, field experience, practicum, internship, or any school based placement will determine their own background check/fingerprinting requirement. The previous requirement of completing a background check through a RESC Agency is no longer required. Previous background checks completed through a RESC Agency may no longer be available to candidates or school districts to meet placement requirements. Candidates should contact their placing district for information regarding requirements for background checks and fingerprinting. All additional costs associated with school district requirements are the sole responsibility of the candidate. STEP 1: Once placement has been established contact the school district regarding their requirements for background check/fingerprinting. Each district will establish their own requirements. DISTRICT BACKGROUND CHECK CONTACTS
STEP 2: Complete the requirements in the time frame designated by the district. Please note that some districts/schools require completion of these requirements prior to entry into your placement. There may be an additional cost associated with completing the districts background check requirements. 

STEP 3: Once you have been approved for placement in the district, use the reverse side to obtain to obtain a signature and confirm your placement. Submit the Confirmation of Placement to the Office of Educational Services by the end of the first week of your placement to:

DROP OFF:   Davis 110

MAIL TO:  501 Crescent St.   New Haven, CT 06515  c/o Davis 110

FAX: 203-392-5017

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