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Clinical Field Experience


field experiences are an essential component of the teacher education program. All students seeking initial certification and most students enrolled in cross endorsement and graduate programs will participate in field experiences. Field experiences include clinical field placements (pre-student teaching) and student teaching placements. The Office of Clinical Field Experiences and School of Education Student Services administers and/or supports students seeking and completing placements required by their academic program.

Field experiences are a unique learning opportunity for preparing educators to have exposure to school settings, professional educators, and school children during their academic program. These opportunities are available to SCSU students through partnerships that the School of Education has established with area school districts. This reciprocal relationship allows our students to benefit from these experiences and school district staff and students to have opportunities to interact with SCSU students . It is because of this relationship that the University expects students to treat their clinical experience opportunities with respect.

The State of Connecticut, National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and the SCSU School of Education has established parameters by which students participate in field experiences. Please note the following as you prepare for your field experiences.

The Office of Clinical Field Experiences and School of Education Student Services is responsible for managing and/or assisting students with arranging school-based placement.


Placements are arranged for students in New Haven Public Schools. Students intending to apply to a teacher education program are REQUIRED to complete 40 hours of school-based observation prior to admission to a teacher education program. To be eligible for placement students MUST:

Submit a background check receipt 30 days prior to the start of the semester to Office of Educational Services. View additional information regarding completing your background check & when this service will be available on campus. 

Attend a required information meeting. 

                 Fall 2017 Field Experience Meeting Registration 

              Fall 2017 Field Experience Request

Students registering late for EDU 200 & EDU 206 please contact us to request assistance for a late placement request. Please indicate what course(s) & sections you have enrolled. 


School-based placements are very common within teacher education courses. Placements include observations, field, clinical , and student teaching experiences. ANY experience that involves a Southern students interacting  or in the same physical space with Pre K-12 grade students REQUIRES the following:

Students MUST have permission from the course instructor and/or the School of Education to participate in a school-based placement. 

Students MUST have a valid background check receipt on file in ADVANCE of any placement. View additional information about the background check requirementNot sure if you have a valid background check send us an EMAIL us with your name & student ID for confirmation. Please allow a few days for response. 

Students seeking ANY placement within New Haven or Hamden Public Schools MUST make a request to the Office of Educational Services. New Haven Public Schools do NOT permit any student arranged placements for any reason. 

The Office of Educational Services can provide assistance for students seeking placements in other districts. Please contact us for assistance at:

PHONE:       203-392-6506
OFFICE:       Davis 110