Anger Management

The Family Therapy Clinic's Anger Management Program is dedicated to providing therapeutic psycho-educational services for individual, couples, and families who have been involved in incidents of domestic violence with or without court involvement. In addition, the Clinic will provide this service at a modest fee within the range of all families. A systemic model is followed in all therapeutic interactions. This approach encourages each individual taking responsibility for their actions without blaming.

All Anger Management services take place within the context of a full service agency, therefore ample opportunities for individualized treatment and adjunctive service are available.

The fee for participation in the Clinic's 10- week Anger Management Program is $150 (non refundable) due on the first session or $20 a week. Full payment by cashier's check, money order or cash is expected at the first session.

The Anger Management Program is one aspect of The Family Therapy Clinic which has been serving clients for more than twenty years. All services are provided by senior master's level interns working under the direct supervision of licensed faculty supervisors. Clinicians are supervisors are committed to following through on each case including making court appearances when needed.

Programs offered:

For Individuals:When individual and couple are referred for anger management sessions, a ten session structured models is followed. Specific topics, some with worksheets, are used as a focus for each session.

Some of the topics for Individual include:


A ten session offering, when available, with either an evening time or morning hours is available for up to twelve individual at any one time. There are specific goals for the one  one half group which is facilitated by a co-therapy team who have been extensively trained both in therapeutic group processes and domestic violence in particular. The goals of the groups sessions with individuals mandated for anger are: