Asha Patlikh


Asha graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a masters in MFT in 1999 and worked for a residential facility for 7 years. In 2004 she decided to go into private practice. She is an adjunct faculty member in the MFT department since 2005 and as an approved AAMFT supervisor she strives to challenge students to be outstanding therapists. She loves how these two roles compliment each other, teaching ensures staying current with the field and having
 her own clients allows her to bring raw data into the teaching.

After graduating Asha has pursued approaches that are creative and outside ofnormal talk therapy. She has training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Family Constellations, Adoption and Foster Parenting, and
the most passionate to her: Impact Therapy.

Asha's style as a therapist and supervisor is Experiential and she strongly believes that in order for people to change in this fast paced society therapy needs to be provided in 3D, that is to engage the clients ears, eyes, body and brain differently. This allows therapy to be multi-sensory, visual, creative, direct and theory driven. She challenges her students to be creative in their interventions and to think outside of the box. Asha is also a presenter for this 3D Impact Therapy approach to therapy.