Carmen Padua has been with the department for approximately 25 years. She is bi-lingual and carmeninstrumental in facilitating clients with supervised visitation and other matters related to appointments at the Family Clinic. In addition to administrative duties, she is welcoming to students, new and old, and a support to faculty, students, and staff. She brings a wealth of life experience to her position and is the first person most prospective students encounter.


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Ann Gabriel, Supervised Visitation Manger, has been a marriage and family therapist for 30 years, trained AnnGat the Southern Family Therapy Clinic. While completing her AAMFT Supervision training over 10 years ago, she was in the process of retiring from West Haven Education System where she was a librarian and guidance counselor during her 34 years there. In 2003, Ann was delighted to be asked to return to the Clinic to help train current graduate students in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program. She has served as Clinic Manager, adjunct faculty for supervision groups, and currently serves as Supervised Visitation Manager.

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Phyllis Gordon is a 1995 graduate of the Master of Family Therapy Program (MFT) at Southern CoPhyllisnnecticut State University (SCSU). She is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a private practice in Wallingford, Connecticut.  Phyllis served for 3 years as the Association Manager for The Connecticut Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, leaving that position in 2009 to become the manager of the SCSU Marriage and Family Therapy Family Clinic.  She is an AAMFT Approved Supervisor-In-Training and has functioned as an adjunct faculty member within the MFT program for the past 2 years. Her areas of interest are complex grief therapy, and issues facing families with a chronically ill child.

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