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The Family Clinic

The department maintains a Family Therapy Clinic that serves the needs of the community. The facilities consist of seven treatment rooms equipped with viewing mirrors and direct supervision devices. There the students observe and practice therapy with actual families. Approved by the Board of Trustees, the clinic accepts referrals from police departments, Department of Children and Families (DCF), public and private schools, psychiatrists, private individuals, and other agencies. Approximately 80 to 95 families, couples, and individuals are in treatment each week. A full range of socioeconomic classes and racial and ethnic groups are seen with a variety of presenting problems including incest, abuse, out-of-control children, marital problems, and school problems. Interns perform therapy under direct supervision from a senior staff member. General requirements for the clinic include:

  • Professional malpractice coverage through AAMFT membership.
  • An ongoing case load as a practicum student, which includes individuals in treatment and two or more supervised visits/cases.
  • Maintenance of case records.
  • Participation in intake service.
  • Observation of families in process of therapy.
  • Successful completion of a minimum of 50 hours of marriage and family cases as primary therapist with supervision.
  • An investigative or research project with practical application.
  • Home visits (one minimum).
  • Participation in professional team meetings when needed.
  • Court appearances when required (a supervisor may also be present).
  • Conducting a minimum of 35 hours of supervised visits.
  • Facilitating one or more Anger Management groups.