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The inclusion of a one-year (consecutive) program in Gestalt Therapy is an outstanding feature of the Family Therapy Training Program. In addition to assisting candidates in the removal of individual blocks to working with clients, the training also helps students to focus on present interactions, and to be able to attend to and utilize non-verbal data and cues. Research at the university has indicated that students successfully completing this program are more effective in the practice of marriage and family therapy, are competent in individual and group therapy skills, and are less likely to become overwhelmed with either the process of therapy or the content of the session.

  • 3 credits - Gestalt Therapy Introduction
  • 3 credits - Gestalt Therapy Intermediate

These offerings encompass gestalt therapy methodology and techniques, the interaction process in a gestalt therapy group, and the historical development and theoretical components of gestalt therapy. This is a two-semester consecutive course of study focusing on the theory and practice of gestalt therapy with major neurotic styles and special symptomology.

There is also an optional second year of 6 credits:

  • 3 credits: Gestalt Therapy Advanced
  • 3 credits: Gestalt Therapy Internship 

gestalt weekend 2012

Above: Gestalt Weekend 2012