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Supervised Visitation

The Clinic provides a safe and pleasant environment where parents and children and become reacquainted while the well-being of the family is insured. The philosophy of the Clinic is that preserving the integrity of the family should be our primary motivation in every interaction. Therapists maintain contact with the referring agency.

Visits are conducted in suitable rooms, which are equipped with viewing mirrors so that when it is deemed appropriate the family unit will have privacy while at the same time, the well-being of the family is insured. There are toys available for the children. A fenced-in outdoor playground is available exclusively for supervised visits. 

The team concept employed at the clinic ensures that the most comprehensive view of the family system neutralizes any potential biases. An observation team may be utilized to insure quality service. This team may include a primary therapist and a senior supervisor. Every effort is made to have compatible gender and ethnic representations on the the therapeutic team.

Prior to setting up the court-ordered supervised visits, the Clinic reserves the option to schedule the Pre-VAP (Preliminary Visitation Assessment Process). Additionally, family reunification sessions may be deemed necessary prior to the onset of the Pre-Vap.

Types of Supervised Visits Offered at the Family Therapy Clinic:

  • Observational- non-custodial parent and child visit together without interference from supervisor who observes the visit in the room or behind a viewing mirror. Supervisor will interrupt only if child is distressed or parent is inappropriate. Child-parent debriefing sessions may be included.
  • Directed- during the visit the non-custodial parent is instructed to interact with the child in specific ways. Debriefing optional.
  • Therapeutic- non-custodial parent and child uninterrupted(unless necessary) for 30-35 minutes. Child is dismissed.The last 15 minutes is a therapeutic portion to discuss strengths and challenges of parenting skills.


The total fee for the Pre-Vap with or without family reunification session is $150, payable at the first session. The $150 set-up fee for the supervised visits is waived if a Pre-Vap with or with family reunification has occurred. There is a set up fee of $150 and a weekly session fee. Our fees are extremely low therefore we do not accept insurance. Cash and money order are the only payment methods accepted at The Family Therapy Clinic. The $150 fee is waived if the visits are preceded by the Pre-Vap and the family reunification sessions.

Please feel free to call to:


Ann Gabriel Supervised Visitation Manager at (203) 392-6432
The Family Therapy Clinic at (203) 392-6415