Frequently Asked Questions - RN-BSN

    A student may transfer:
Up to 75 credits for students who have earned an Associate degree at a CT community college

Students from a 2 year or diploma program may transfer 63 credits
A maximum of 90 credits from a 4 year college or university

Credits earned through CLEP exams count as 4 year college credits.

A minimum of 30 credits must be completed at SCSU.

When can I apply to SCSU?  SCSU has "rolling" admissions, meaning that you can apply anytime online. Your first step should be application to the university.  Upon review of your past coursework the university Admissions Office will forward a Credit Equivalency Worksheet to you.  The worksheet will indicate how your courses transferred into SCSU.

Now I have been accepted into SCSU, what should I do?Once accepted to SCSU contact the RN coordinator, Dr. Glendon, for advisement. Dr Glendon may be contacted through email, or by phone (203) 392-6481. You would meet with her to review the credit equivalency worksheet and the status of your prerequisite courses in order to determine when you should apply to the nursing program.

Will all of my previous course work be accepted by the university?In general the University will accept courses with a grade of C- or higher. The nursing department requires a grade of C+ or above for all nursing prerequisites.

Not all of my courses are equivalent to SCSU courses. Do I lose those credits? Most course work will be accepted for credit. Some courses may transfer as "elective" credits. SCSU requires 12 elective credits for a BSN degree. Elective credits are credits for courses which are not required in the major or as a university requirement. Courses at a 095 level are not accepted for credit. Click on admissions, then transfer students, then follow the directions for "equivalency". The website is as follows:

I took English Composition at a Community College?  Why do I have to take English 112 at SCSU?If you took English 200 (Advanced Composition) at a Community College then you would not need to take English 112 at SCSU.

 If I took Chemistry 111 at the Community College, why do I have to take Chemistry 120 at SCSU?Chemistry 111 (Concepts of Chemistry) is not SCSU's equivalence of Chemistry 120.  At the community college you would need to take either Chemistry 117 or Chemistry 121.

Will I get credit for my nursing courses? Yes. 30 nursing transfer credits will be awarded for your basic nursing education (This is included in the total of 75 that may be transferred from a community college.) Make sure that you have your nursing program transcripts sent to the registrar to receive transfer credit for your nursing courses.

How many credits do I need for the BSN degree?124 credits are required.

What are university requirements?University requirements are general education courses that SCSU requires all students to take in order to complete the baccalaureate degree. Currently, there are nine university courses besides the prerequisite courses that you may need. Consult with your adviser for specific course listing.  RN-BSN students are not required to take Chemistry 125 or Physics 103.

How quickly can I finish the BSN degree? Once the prerequisite courses have been completed, you may apply for admission to the nursing program and begin taking nursing courses. The nursing courses can be finished in three semesters if you take 2 nursing courses each semester. There are seven nursing courses with one clinical course in community health in the nursing major. How quickly you finish the remaining university course requirements depends upon how many credits you transfer in and how many courses you take each semester. SCSU also has a winter session and summer sessions.

Is the entire RN-BSN program online?There are two courses in the program that have on ground  components, Nursing 462-Health Assessment for RNs and Nursing 463-Concepts of Community Health.

 Does SCSU have any other university online courses? Yes. Consult the Web page for a listing of online courses. Courses from Western, Eastern, Central and Southern Connecticut State University are offered online.

My primary language is not English. Do I still need to take a foreign language?You will be eligible for a waiver, but must take another course to replace the credits. Please contact the foreign language department for more information about obtaining a waiver.

 How much is tuition at SCSU?Tuition information is available through the Bursar's office,

Is Financial available? Yes. Please contact the financial aid office for specific information. Veteran's benefits are available as well. Please contact Mr. Jack Mordente, at (203) 293-6822 or via email at mordenteg1@southernct.edufor Veteran's benefit information.

 Who will be my advisor?Once you are taking classes at SCSU, Dr Kimberly Lacey will be your advisor.  She may be reached at (203) 392-8871,

Thank you for your interest in our RN/BSN Program. Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

Dr Mary Ann Glendon, RN-BSN Coordinator

(203) 392-6481

Dr Kimberly Lacey, RN Advisor

(203) 392-8871