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Health Equities Project

The Health Equity Project of the SCSU Department of Public Health was established to carry out the Department's mission to advance the state of public health practice and to promote and protect the health of the public. The Department is committed to achieving health equity in Connecticut through community-engagement by applying the Department's leadership, research and academic assets to lessen health disparities. 

Peggy Gallup

The Project, directed by Dr. Peggy Gallup, is supported by the Dean of Health and Human Services.  Many faculty and students have been involved in a variety of activities related to the Project.  The work of the Project has included a state-wide diabetes prevention and control program, an assessment of language services in Connecticut hospitals and a photo-voice project on diabetes in New Haven.  The Department is working to develop new partnerships with state and local government and community organizations in order to contribute to health and social improvements that can have profound effects in the lives of citizens of New Haven, the State of Connecticut and beyond through coming generations.

If you are interested in learning about the Health Equity Project or are interested in participating in a partnership, contact Dr. Gallup at