Alumni News

Alex Palluzzi, M.S. in Recreation, 2002.

Alex Palluzzi is the Recreation Director in Branford and a SCSU adjunct professor in the Recreation and Leisure Studies Program. In 2013 Alex became one of the newest inductees into the Branford Sports Hall of Fame.




Carrie Finn-Phillips,M.S. in Therapeutic Recreation, 2013, B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation, 2010. Carrie Finn Phillips, currently works as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist at Bridgeport Hospital.
Hailey Huntington, B.S. in Recreation, 2013
Hailey Huntington, has been recently hired as the Talent Coordinator at 24 Seven Inc. in Los Angeles, California.  Hailey attained this job right after graduating from SCSU.

Chris Patella, M.S. in Recreational Therapy, 2013
chris patella

Chris Patella, the Founder and Director of Animal Assisted Therapy Services, wanted to develop a non-profit organization dedicated to the use of equine and canine therapy as an intervention. While already involved in therapeutic programs, Chris's organization was formally developed through a business plan through the special project requirement at SCSU.


Matt Barrett, B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation, 2012
Matt Barrett, is currently working as an Inclusion Specialist in the Therapeutic Recreation Department at the Kennedy Center, Inc.

Joshua T. Medeiros, M.S. in Recreation Administration and Supervision, 2012
Josh MedierosJoshua Medeiros, currently works as the full time Recreation Coordinator for the City of Bristol Parks and Recreation.  His master's degree from SCSU has helped him become a more well rounded recreation professional building and developing the necessary skills to be successful in the field of parks and recreation. 


Jackie Samatoski, M.S. in Therapeutic Recreation, 2012
Jackie Samatoski, currently works as a Senior Rehabilitation Therapist at St. Vincent's Behavioral Health Center.  Jackie was recently named Employee of the Year in January of 2013.

Casandra Stevenson, M.S. in Therapeutic Recreation, 2012
Casandra Stevenson was recently hired as the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in San Diego, California.

 Janet Klicsu, B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation, 1994   M.S. in Recreation Administration, 1999
JanetJanet Klicsu, currently works as Assistant Director of the Adanti Student Center at SCSU. Janet does conference and event planning services here at the University and gets to utilize her degree in a very unique way.  Janet is an alumni of both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs at SCSU.


Eric LaCharity, M.S. in Recreation Administration, 2006


Eric LaCharity, is currently the Director of the Office of Campus Recreation at SCSU. Eric coordinates the club sports program, intramurals program, and oversees the student club and organization resource room.  Eric's experiences in the recreation and leisure program are extremely useful for the multiple roles he serves in the Office of Student Life.