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Advising and Registration

 Academic Advisement - Who, what, when, where and how?

Registration for Fall semester 2017 begins April 4, 2017. 

Advisors ensure that students are completing social work courses in the scheduled developmental progression, provide guidance regarding completion of remaining university and cognate requirements, and discuss students' interests for their field placement, graduate school, and future employment in the profession.  Advisors also provide alternate pin numbers each semester. 

Schedule an advising appointment:  October and March are the months to remember to schedule a time for advisement for the next semester.  Check your Southern email for instructions and links to schedule an appointment, or click on the appropriate link below. 

MAJORS- Advising List:



 You can select an advisement time from the link below.  We are piloting several modes of advisement.  Some of you may have met with Nicole Paul for advisement during your Field appointment.  You do not need to meet with her again unless your circumstances have changed or you have further questions.  If you attended a field & advisement meeting with Nicole Paul in which you reviewed your degree evaluation, you can contact her for your pin number

Julie Piepenbring will be offering several opportunities to meet with students as a group to review their course schedule for Fall 2017.  If you are comfortable meeting in groups of 8, please select a group time.  If you would prefer to meet individually, please select an individual appointment.

Click here to sign up with Julie Piepenbring 

PREMAJORS- Advising List:

  • If you applied to the BSW Program this spring, you will be meeting with Steven Hoffler, BSW Coordinator.  During your advisement meeting you will be notified if you have been provisionally accepted into the BSW Program.  All acceptances are provisional pending grade reports at the end of the spring semester. 

If you are provisionally accepted, advisement will cover which Social Work courses you will need for Fall 2017.  If you are not provisionally accepted, advisement time will be used to help you explore other options (including re-applying to the BSW Program next year and switching majors).

Click here to select an appointment time with Steven Hoffler

Students who have 31 credits, or MORE:
  • If you have completed 31 or more Credit Hours  (Includes transfer Credits)by the end of the semester AND HAVE NOT YET APPLIED TO THE SOCIAL WORK PROGRAM, you will be meeting with either Elizabeth Rodriguez-Keyes or Christopher Sagar.  You may select either faculty member for your appointment time. 

Click here to select an appointment time with Elizabeth Rodriguez-Keyes

Click here to select an appointment time with Christopher Sagar

Students with LESS than 30 credits:
  • If you will have completed 30 or LESS Credit Hours (Includes Transfer Credits) by the end of the semester, you will be meeting with Elizabeth Keenan, Social Work Department Chair.  Advising will be done in a small group format, with 8 students per appointment.

  Click here to select an appointment time with Elizabeth Keenan


Social Work Cognate Options for LEP 

To fulfill the 18 credits of cognate requirements in the Liberal Education Program, students can choose (in consultation with their advisor) to pursue any minor in the university OR select six (6) courses from the list below:

ANY Anthropology, Psychology, or Sociology courses,

AND/OR any of the following:

ENG 317  Cross-cultural Literatures and Contexts

ENG 383  American Women Writers

ENG 423  Contemporary African-American Novelists

ENG 462  Gay and Lesbian Film and Literature

LIT 382  Contemporary Latin American Literature

GEO 200  Human Geography GEO 305  Environmental Economic Geography

PCH 270  Stress Management and Health Promotion

PCH 280  Human Sexuality

PCH 349  Men’s Health

PCH 450  Death, Dying and Bereavement

PHI 207  The Religious Dimension of Human Experience

PHI 310  Women and Philosophy

PHI 355  Philosophy of Religion

PHI 375 Philosophies of Political and Social Change

WMS/COM 312  Communication and Gender

WMS/PSC 320  Gender and Politics

WMS/PCH 350  Women’s Health Consciousness

 *** Note: Some cognates have pre-requisite requirements that need to be met prior to enrolling in the course.  Additional courses may be selected with the approval of the advisor or BSW Coordinator. 

Students accepted into the BSW program enter in cohorts and take their courses in the following sequence





SWK 320

SWK 321W

SWK 330W

SWK 390

SWK 376

SWK 380, 381 or 382





SWK 350

SWK 378

SWK 377

SWK 430

SWK 490 (6 cr.)

SWK 491 (6 cr.)             


Students who wish to apply for admission to the BSW program must have completed the following courses by the end of the spring semester in which they apply.

  • Math 107 (or accepted transfer credit) with a passing grade
  • English 112 (or accepted transfer credit) with a passing grade
  • SWK 200 (or accepted transfer credit) with a passing grade of a B or better

In addition to these requirements, applicants must have a GPA of 2.5 or better.



Advising FAQS

 How do I schedule my advisement appointment?

All advisement schedules are posted online.  Please sign up directly in your advisor’s schedule, by clicking on your advisor’s name above. 

What do I need to bring to my advisement session?

Please bring a recent degree evaluation to your appointment.

 Can I miss class to attend my advisement appointment?

No! Please do NOT schedule advising during class time.  If you are having trouble finding a time when your advisor is available, please contact your advisor directly, by email, and request a time that is not during your class time.

 How long is my advisement session going to be?

Advisors block off twenty-minute sessions per student. 

When is my registration date?

Find your registration date each semester by going to

 I am a transfer student.  Do I get to come in for advisement?

Yes! We are very happy to meet with transfer students and help assist you with planning your application to the social work program and your coursework.

What courses will I be registering for?

Juniors and Seniors, please click on the BSW Course Progression tab  to the left to preview which courses you should register for and when.  Pre-majors will discuss their course selections with their advisors.

 Do I have to come in for my alternate PIN number?

Yes!  Social Work department faculty do not give out alternate pin numbers without first meeting with a student.

 How do I pull up my Degree Evaluation?

From the Southern home page, log into Banner (as if you were going to register for classes).  Click on Records, then on Degree Evaluation.  Make sure you are listed as a social work major.  [If not, come to the department and complete a declaration of major form which can be obtained from the student workers or the department secretary].  Continue to follow the prompts, and select detail requirements to see your BSW program on the screen.  The courses that have a NO next to them still need to be completed.

I still have questions.  Whom do I ask?

It’s normal to have questions about the registration process and your advisor is prepared to answer them.  Some students prepare for advisement by writing down their questions and bringing it to their advisement session.  If you still have questions after your advisement session, please contact Dr. Steven J. Hoffler at