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BSW Course Progression

Social Work Program Course Progression


Check online catalog for current Social Work courses and course descriptions:

Spring elective course descriptions.

Social Work courses are offered in a developmental progression.  Once students are accepted into the BSW program, they must register for courses in the following order:


Fall Semester
Spring Semester

SWK 320 - Human Behavior            in the Social Environment I

SWK 321 - Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
SWK 330 - Social Welfare Institutions and Policies SWK 390 - Interviewing Skills in Social Work
SWK 376 - Methods of                        Intervention I                  SWK 380, 381 or 382 - Social Work Field of Practice Electives


Fall Semester
Spring Semester

SWK 350 - Social Work                     Research Methods

SWK 378 - Methods of Intervention III
SWK 377 - Methods of Intervention II SWK 430 - Social Welfare Institutions and Policies II
SWK 490W (6 credits) - Field Practice Seminar I SWK 491W (6 credits) - Field Practice Seminar II

Students are responsible for communicating with their faculty advisor if they are unable to register for all three social work courses in any given semester, and/or if they need to create a part-time program plan.

 Advising Guidelines

You will need to take one W course outside of the social work department UNLESS you initially transferred in 60 or more credits.  You can find out what courses have W sections by searching the course schedule and entering in % in the Subj Code line and * in the Title line and clicking submit.

Several of your required courses have W sections.

Reminder:  You need 12 credits of electives with the LEP and 15 credits with the AUR.  Most students meet this with pre-requisites, but some do not.  Be sure to check to see if you will have enough by the time that you graduate.

Sociology course substitution options:

  • IF students are NOT able to register for SOC 310 and/or SOC 322, a student may register for ANY 200 level and above Sociology course.  After a student registers for a substitute course, the student MUST email his or her advisor AND the BSW Program Coordinator to notify us that this is happening.  The email must include the following:  Student's name, student ID, course number and title.  After receiving this email, the BSW Program Coordinator will email the registrar's office and notify them that the course substitution has been approved so it can be recorded in your transcript and cc you in the email so that you have a record of this transaction.
  • If you would like to take a specific course at another college, you MUST complete a form from the registrar's office and obtain permission PRIOR TO registering for the course.  See the registrar's website for more information:

 Online Graduation Application

Students indicate that they are completing their social work degree requirements by completing an online graduation application on the registrar's website by the specified deadline: