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Center for Adaptive Technology iPad Loans

iPad Loans

In 2010, the Center for Adaptive Technology began offering loans on a new asset: the Apple iPad. Designated specifically for school district representatives, each iPad is WiFi ready and is can be equipped with a variety of different special education programs. These application, or "apps", are cutting-edge and have proven very successful in academic settings. Below is a list of free apps we offer at the lab. To download, just click the app icon or title and follow the directions on the iTunes website. 
We also recommend a variety of special education apps, which are available for purchase through the iTunes App Store. To see our recommended apps, click here.

Education/Learning apps

Sight Words icon

Sight Words - Learn to recognize and read words by sight, touch and sound. This app is specially designed for children aged 9 months up to 3rd grade. It is fully customizable and has multi-language support.


Visual Manipulatives iconVirtual Manipulatives - Practice fractions, decimals, and percentages with this free fraction bar app.   

 Read On Sight icon

Read On Sight - A voice reads sentences aloud and then mixes up the words for the student to rearrange in the correct order. It is designed for children ages 1st-5th grade

Motion Math Zoom

Motion Math Zoom - Zoomable, stretchable number line for practice with basic number concepts. 

Futaba icon

Futaba - This 4-player game is designed to aid children in learning new vocabulary. It is designated for children ages 4-8 and also has multi-language settings available. 


Undersea Math icon
Undersea Math - This game allows students to move through levels by practicing basic math facts and methods. 
Not The Hole Story iconNot The Hole Story - The stories are written with holes in the plot. The object of this app is to have children fill the holes with the correct part to complete the story. It helps to build critical reading skills and comprehension. The app is designed for children ages 2-5. 
Mad Math Lite
Mad Math Lite - This app is perfect for kids to practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students can draw directly on their flashcards as well. 
Tic Tac Toe Phonics icon iTunes Redirect
Tic Tac Toe Phonics - The classic game of Tic Tac Toe is mixed with the power of phonics learning. In order to gain a space, the player must answer a phonics question correctly. Just like the original, the first player to align three X's or O's in a line wins. The game is designed for children ages 4 and up.
ACE Multiply Matrix HD icon
ACE Multiple Matrix HD - Practice your multiplication tables with three interactive practice options: review and practice, grid multiplication, and Blitz mode to develop speed and fluency. This app is perfect for elementary math practice and children ages 4-8. 
ABC Phonics Rhyming Words icon
ABC Phonics Rhyming Words Lite - Match pair of rhyming words to win this fast-paced phonics game. Players have to pair the words that rhyme to earn points. This app is pacifically designed to help students practice letter and word sounds, as well as basic phonics. 
TimesTables Lite icon
TimesTables Lite - in the free version of this app, you can review the times tables for the number four by listening, viewing, or writing with your finger. There are also options for timed practice in order to gain speed and fluency in math.
Free Letter Bug icon
Letter Bug - This app is perfect for practicing reading comprehension and cognitive skills in a literary setting. The game scrambles up the letter of selected words and puts them in layers, allowing the player to arrange the letters back in the correct order. When letters are used, letters from the next layer are usable. 
Arithmetic Wiz icon
Arithmetic Wiz - This app is a powerhouse for arithmetic practice and mastery. Complete with tables, graphs, charts and practice questions, students will be able to grasp the concepts of math that they struggle with. 
SparkleFish icon
SparkleFish - this story completion app has a built-in voice recorder that critical reading fun. Readers must pick their own answers to complete the story, similar to Mad Libs. It's hours of fun for children and adults, presenting stories in a refreshing new way. 
Disaster Alert icon
Disaster Alert - This interactive world map allows children to see listings of natural weather disasters occurring around the globe. This app displays current, real-time information about natural disasters that are "potentially hazardous to people, property, or assets" by the Pacific Disaster Center. 
SimpleMind icon
SimpleMind+ Mind Mapping - This app is an interactive thought mapping program designed to help people structure their thoughts and ideas. A flow web can be created, giving the user the ability to branch out and expand their ideas without worrying about losing their focus. This app is great for people who struggle with ADD and focus issues. 
NASA icon
NASA - This space exploration app gives children an in-depth look into the universe. You can look at the photos from all of NASA's orbiting telescopes, as well as learn facts about the US space program. 
Alphabet Tracing icon
Alphabet Tracing - This interactive learning software brings the story to life, keeping the readers attention while helping them master critical writing skills. With an array of different cartoons, children can practice writing their numbers and letters with ease.
Planets icon iTunes Redirect 
Planets - With 2D and 3D functions, this space exploration app is perfect for the galaxy-loving child. Search functions give the ability to find planets with ease, accompanied by factual information and statistics.