Move Policy

Information Technology and Facilities Operations work closely to provide office relocation services to campus community. Moves covered by the procedures outlined below include:

First Step

Request Procedures

Request for the move must be submitted four weeks prior to the move. Fill out and submit the Office Move Request Form to Facilities Operation. Your request will not be processed without required signatures. If there is cost involved, your request will not be processed without the approval of the funding.

Move requests due to the following reasons will be processed and scheduled immediately:

All other requests will be processed in the order of receipt and scheduled into the next available "campus moving day". Due to the large volume of requests and limited resources, there may be a 6-8 weeks wait until the actual moving date. IT and Facilities Operations have designated Fridays as the "Office moving day". Moves will be scheduled to achieve maximum efficiency and cost benefit, particularly with respect to the utilization of the moving contractor.

Employee will be notified two weeks prior to the actual moving date. Employee do not need to be present for the move. However, the move may be rescheduled if the preparation is not completed (see Preparation for the Move).


Additional fees will be assessed for new furniture, renovation, mechanical or cosmetic work as result of the move. In this case, the cost will be directly billed to the department/school. The average fees are listed as follows. The actual cost may vary depending on the room layout, underlying building structure, and availability of the services:

If new furniture is required, Facilities Services will work with you to select the furniture and provide a cost estimate. Note that any additions/changes may cause delays of the move and furniture orders take on average 12 weeks for delivery.

Preparation for the Move

If your move has been fully approved then follow the steps outlined below to prepare for your move. A successful move is best achieved by good planning. If more than one employee is moving within a department, having one person from the department to help coordinate the move process is highly recommended. Questions about upcoming move should be directed to:

Packing Your Office

Packing up your office is your responsibility. Cardboard boxes and tape can be provided. Call extension 26070 to request packing materials. Contents of all file cabinets, desks and bookcases will need to be packed prior to your move date. Label everything clearly with your name, department and new building and room number. It is strongly recommended that you or a designee be present on moving day. It is also recommended that you provide contact information to Facilities Operations for the move. Note that only state-owned properties will be moved.

Moving Telephone

In general, you will be using your current telephone in your new location. Label your phone with your name, department, new building and room number. IT will transfer your phone number to the new location right before the scheduled move. When you arrive at your new office, please verify that there is a dial-tone on your phone. Your calls will now begin ringing on your desk. If there are any changes in office location and/or moving date, please contact IT Help Desk as soon as you have that information. A minimum of two days is required to adjust for any changes. Otherwise, service will not be available at the time you move into your new office.

Moving Computers and Printers

Facilities Services personnel will physically move computers and printers but they will not unplug or un-cable equipment. Guidelines for moving equipment are as follows:

     Exception: IT will move computers under the following conditions:

After the Move

As you settling into your new office, a few things to follow up: