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New Seminars for July


Beyond Coverage: Backward Design for Disciplinary Thinking

How do we ever find time to teach students how to think when there is so much information they need to know? It's a common conundrum in entry-level general education courses. Maybe the answer is to turn that operating assumption on its head. Learn how to start focusing on the kind of thinking you really want to see in your students. Presented by: Joel Sipress, Ph.D., professor of History and chair of the interdisciplinary Department of Social Inquiry at the University of Wisconsin-Superior and David Voelker, Ph.D., associate professor of Humanistic Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Faculty Evaluation and Review: Guidelines for Getting it Right

Discrimination, litigation, and accusations—faculty evaluations can have negative consequences when conducted incorrectly. For deans and department chairs, developing a good faculty evaluation process is crucial to the health of the department and college as a whole.Presented by: Kate L. Forhan, Ph.D., provost and vice-president of Academic Affairs at the University of Southern Maine in Portland.

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