School of Education

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The School of Education at Southern Connecticut State University prides itself as being a professional school whose vision is to create outstanding educators grounded in Scholarship, who possess Attitudes and dispositions that reflect a devotion to teaching and learning, who have the personal and professional Integrity to value themselves and others, who demonstrate the Leadership skills to promote continuous improvement of the educational systems in which they work, and who demonstrate the commitment and responsibility to provide Service to the communities to which they live.

SAILS (Scholarship, Attitude, Integrity, Leadership, Service) in our framework.  It informs what we do in educator preparation and how we do it.  It is our shared vision of the future.  It is who we are and what we want our student to become.

The School of Education offers undergraduate preparation in programs in elementary education, early childhood education, eight areas in secondary education, special education, art, physical education and two dual certification programs: Elementary Education/Bilingual Education and Elementary Education/Special Education.  

Graduate programs are offered in elementary education, special education, early childhood/special education, secondary education, school health, library science media specialist, educational leadership, counseling and school psychology, communication disorders, and physical education.

The School also provides excellent programs in Athletic Training and Human Performance.  The School of Education offers graduate education programs leading to a Master of Science degree, a Sixth Year Professional Diploma and a Doctorate in Education.

The School promotes the belief that that teaching is a noble profession. It is the first profession, the one that leads to all others.  Teachers help create the future.