School of Health & Human Services

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The School of Health and Human Services is a multidisciplinary school that prepares undergraduate and graduate students for professional careers in communication disorders, marriage and family therapy, nursing, public health, recreation and leisure studies, and social work.   It is the only school in Connecticut to gather these disciplines under a single umbrella, a structure that allows its academic opportunities to be highly interdisciplinary.  The School is committed to educating students through state-of-the-art teaching strategies that integrate and emphasize discipline-specific and interdisciplinary research, scholarship, best professional practice, and community service.

The professional programs within the School rely on an integrated liberal arts and sciences foundation and specialized knowledge to prepare beginning and advanced practitioners who demonstrate mastery of knowledge in their field, are able to communicate critically and effectively, develop creative solutions to problems, are culturally competent, are flexible and adaptable to changes in their field, are cognizant of local and global environmental effects on their practice, and are committed to continuing their professional development. 

 Faculty members and students explore how practice, research, and theory building interact as they respond to such community health and human service issues as alcohol and substance abuse, AIDS, family violence, child abuse, primary health care needs, elderly recreation services, and the relationship between poverty and nutrition.

In 2003, the School of Health and Human Services completed two years of work on a Strategic Plan that commits to regional pre-eminence and currently guides the direction and development of the school and its departments over the next five years (2003-2008).

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