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Welcome to our English Learner Curriculum Library! Our Training for All Teachers Program maintains this online curriculum library of at least 250 teacher-modified curriculum units across all subjects for English learners in grades K-12, as well as adult ESL. The library is searchable by grade and by subject (science, math, history/social studies, language arts, etc.). Each unit (PDF) contains the following information: author, date, unit title, lesson overview, content and language objectives for three levels of English language proficiency, and lesson content.

Graduate students in SCSUs TESOL and Bilingual Education Program, largely comprised of local, in-service educators, have successfully modified these curriculum units for English learners. Teachers selected curriculum units originally designed for mainstream, native English speakers and, through a myriad of sheltered instructional strategies, have made them accessible to English learners at various stages of English proficiency. In modifying their curriculum units, teachers have employed sheltered strategies to engage English learners in two ways: 1) by making the lesson content comprehensible, and 2) by creating multiple opportunities for interaction within each lesson. Each curriculum unit, usually made up of three lessons, contains both the original and the modified lessons along with supplemental material(s).

While we have chosen to publish the ‘best’ of the teacher-made curriculum units on our web site, we acknowledge each is unique in what it offers both teacher and students. The units have been collected over the past ten years and although most pre-date the Common Core standards, they are incredibly useful as they delve deep into rich content while simultaneously developing academic language required to meet state standards. We invite you to download the units to use in your classrooms as you work with English learners. We ask that you credit the authors’ work and creations as you deliver and disseminate these materials.

Teacher Resources

Curriculum Units

Grades Subject
Grades Subject Title
3-6 History / Social Studies Slavery and the Underground Railroad
3-6 History / Social Studies Life in the colonies
3-6 History / Social Studies Land and People of the United States
3-6 Science Simple Machines
3-6 Language No More Dead Dogs
3-6 Language Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences about Non Fiction Text
3-6 History / Social Studies Maps
3-6 History / Social Studies Abraham Lincoln and the US Civil War
3-6 History / Social Studies Explorers
3-6 History / Social Studies Families
3-6 History / Social Studies Happy Birthday, Dr. King!
3-6 Math Money
3-6 History / Social Studies Explorers
3-6 History / Social Studies Cricket in Times Square
3-6 Science Water Cycle
3-6 History / Social Studies Causes of the American Revolution
3-6 History / Social Studies Wogunk Indians, The
3-6 Science Digestive System, The
3-6 History / Social Studies Ancient China
3-6 Music Music Literacy
3-6 Science Simple Machines
3-6 Language Understanding Figurative Language in "Sarah Plain and Tall"
3-6 Science Composting is Recycling!
3-6 Math Time and Space
3-6 History / Social Studies American Revolution
3-6 History / Social Studies Childhood in Connecticut: Colonial through Pre-Civil War Times
3-6 History / Social Studies Slavery During America's Civil War
3-6 History / Social Studies Celebrating Culture Through Quilts
3-6 History / Social Studies Neighborhoods of New Haven
3-6 Science Sound
3-6 Language Dear Mr Henshaw
3-6 History / Social Studies Greek Mythology
3-6 Language Health and Nutrition
3-6 Science Sun, Earth, and Moon
3-6 History / Social Studies The Desert Region
3-6 Science Earth and the Moon
3-6 Science Energy Resources: Are You a Greenie?
3-6 Language Ramona Quimby
3-6 History / Social Studies Native Americans: 4th grade Dual Lang.
3-6 History / Social Studies Mighty Waters
3-6 Math Identifying a missing addend. Identify a missing number in a sequence.
3-6 Science Land and Water
3-6 Language Aunt Flossie's Hats: Teaching the Genre of Historical Fiction
3-6 History / Social Studies Inventions
3-6 History / Social Studies Biography: Seeing Ourselves and Others More Clearly
3-6 History / Social Studies Christmas in Mexico
3-6 Language Elements of Literature: Plot & Setting
3-6 History / Social Studies Western Mountains, The
3-6 Language Esperanza Rising
3-6 Science Solar System
3-6 Language Increasing Reading Comprehension through Questioning
3-6 History / Social Studies Pilgrims, the Wampanoag and the First Thanksgiving, The
3-6 Science Rain Forest Integrated unit
3-6 Language Lon Po Po: A Red Riding Hood Story From China
3-6 History / Social Studies Soil Composition and Health
3-6 History / Social Studies Making healthy and wise food choices
3-6 Math Numbers and Number Operations
3-6 History / Social Studies World Regions
3-6 Math Multiplication
3-6 History / Social Studies Europe, Africa and the Americas Interact
3-6 Music Content Through Song: Using Musical Intelligence to Motivate Vocabulary Acquisition
3-6 Science Healthy and Active Life
3-6 Math Working with Decimals - Using Estimations to Check Sums and Differences
3-6 History / Social Studies Native Americans of the Midwest during the 1700's
3-6 Math Games, Measurement, and Statistics
3-6 Science Recycling
3-6 Language All about the tropical rainforest
3-6 Math Dealing with Decimals
3-6 History / Social Studies The Ancient Americas
3-6 History / Social Studies Introduction to the American Civil Rights Movement
3-6 Science From Seeds to Plants
3-6 Science "Go, Going, Gone, Green."
3-6 Science The rain forest- A unit for ELLs
3-6 History / Social Studies The Northeast
3-6 History / Social Studies Animal Adaptations-Camouflage
3-6 Science Chemical Tests Unit
3-6 Science Amazon Rain Forest
3-6 Science Human Nervous System
3-6 History / Social Studies Plants and Bees
3-6 Language No More Dead Dogs
3-6 Science Rocks Rock!
3-6 Language Animal Heroes
3-6 Science Light
3-6 Science Sound
3-6 Science Electricity
3-6 Science Energy
3-6 Science Plants
3-6 Science Rocks and Minerals
3-6 Language How Writers Work
3-6 Math Grade 6 Math Modifications
3-6 Language Animals and Their Homes
3-6 Language Civil War
3-6 Language Maps
3-6 Language Explorers
3-6 Science Linking Ideas in Informational Text: Glaciers & Icebergs
3-6 Science Light Energy
3-6 History / Social Studies Let's Celebrate Culture!
3-6 Science Plant Life
3-6 Science Sounds Are All Around Us
3-6 Math Introduction to Geometry
3-6 Science From Seed to Seed
3-6 Science Ecosystems
3-6 Math Probability and Statistics
3-6 History / Social Studies Canada
3-6 Language How Authors Convey Themes
3-6 History / Social Studies The Desert
7-8 History / Social Studies Understanding the American Revolution
7-8 History / Social Studies In Memory of 9-11
7-8 Science Experimental Design
7-8 Math Data Analysis
7-8 History / Social Studies European Exploration
7-8 History / Social Studies Establishing a Positive [Cultural] identity
7-8 Language Plot and Character Change in the Short Story: "The Necklace" by DeMaupassant
7-8 Science Cells
7-8 Language Getting to Know the Characters in Slumming
7-8 Language Phineas Gage and Non-Fiction Reading Strategies
7-8 Math Factors and Fractions
7-8 History / Social Studies Weather Across the World
7-8 Science Energy in Cells
7-8 Science The Respitory System
7-8 Language We Are All Alike: Connecting to Gary Soto's "Seventh Grade"
7-8 Language Morals and Messages we find in folktales
7-8 History / Social Studies A Guide to the Civil War: Causes, the War, and Reconstruction
7-8 Science The environment-Global warming
7-8 Math A new look: Redecorating our bedroom using math
7-8 History / Social Studies Let's Explore Latin America!
7-8 Language "The Giver" by Lois Lowry
7-8 Language Personality Tests Analyzing Character and Point of View
7-8 History / Social Studies Europe
7-8 Science Marijuana: Facts and Decision Making
7-8 History / Social Studies Paul Revere's Ride
7-8 Science Looking Inside Cells
7-8 History / Social Studies The Great Depression
7-8 Language To Kill a Mockingbird: Racial discrimination in the 1930s
7-8 Science Atmosphere, The
7-8 Language Characterization in "Stop the Sun"
7-8 Language "Freak the Mighty": Exploration of Themes
7-8 Science It's Our Pleasure to Measure
7-8 Science Latin American History
7-8 Science Cuba
7-8 Science European Exploration
7-8 Language Poetry
7-8 Language In Memory of 9/11/01 STEM Interdisciplinary Unit
7-8 Language Return to Sender
7-8 Language Experimental Design
7-8 Language Data Analysis
7-8 Science Heating Earth's Surfaces
7-8 Science Graphing Change
9-12 Science DNA
9-12 History / Social Studies Coming of Age / Initiation Rites of Passage
9-12 Language Poetry
9-12 Language "Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison
9-12 History / Social Studies Civics and Citizens
9-12 History / Social Studies Debating the Future of Indochina in 1945: Making Your Case
9-12 Math Graphing Quadratic Functions
9-12 Language through Literature: An Approach to Analysis
9-12 History / Social Studies Constitution of the United States of America, The
9-12 History / Social Studies WWII:Japanese-American Internment Camps
9-12 Language through Literature
9-12 Language "Great Expectations": A Novel Study
9-12 Language Setting and Character Development in Of Mice and Men
9-12 Language "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar"
9-12 History / Social Studies Enlightenment and Revolution, 1550-1789
9-12 History / Social Studies African Independence
9-12 History / Social Studies Word War I
9-12 Language Poetry
9-12 History / Social Studies The Odyssey: The land of the Cyclopes
9-12 Language The Great Gatsby and the American Dream
9-12 History / Social Studies Slave System, The
9-12 History / Social Studies Terrorism in America
9-12 Math Math Modifications for Alg 1&2 and Pre-Calc
9-12 Language Teaching Voice Through Latina and African American Literature
9-12 History / Social Studies The Spanish Empire
9-12 Math Representing Patterns in Algebra 1
Adult Language The Computer Survival Guide For English Language Learners
Adult Information Technology Introduction to Personal Computers and Windows
Adult Language Introduction to the Elements of Fiction and their Application to the Short Story: Examination of 'Good Country People' by Flannery O'Connor'
Adult History / Social Studies The Political System of the Russian Federation Today
Adult Language Writing the Argumentation Essay
Adult Math Preparing for Praxis I: Mathematics, Measuring Perimeter and Area
Adult History / Social Studies Ancient Civilizations of Latin America
Adult History / Social Studies Chinese Culture: Chinese New Year
Adult History / Social Studies Dining Out: From Apples to Zucchini
Adult History / Social Studies Nutrition Principles & the Food Pyramid
Adult History / Social Studies The labor market
Adult Information Technology The Computer Survival Guide for English Language Learners
Adult Language Employment Benefits and Forms
Adult Information Technology Introduction to Personal Computers and Windows
Adult Science Traditional Chinese Medicine
Adult Information Technology Applications and Interviews
Adult Language Images of Oscar Wilde
K-2 Language Inferring
K-2 Science The Life Cycle of Butterflies
K-2 Language Diversity and Multiculturalism
K-2 Science Animals' and Plants' Habitats
K-2 History / Social Studies Communities
K-2 Math Telling Time Through Literature
K-2 Science Human Body, The
K-2 History / Social Studies Plains Indians, The
K-2 Science Animals and their Habitats
K-2 Language Compare Contrast K
K-2 Science All About Spiders
K-2 Science Insects
K-2 Language Small Moments: Narrative Writing
K-2 Math Compare and Measure
K-2 Language Relationships: Connecting, Predicting, and Responding to the text Boomer's Big Surprise
K-2 Math Telling Time
K-2 Language Friendship
K-2 Science You are What You Eat
K-2 Language The senses: Sight, hearing and taste
K-2 Science Stormy Weather
K-2 Math Comparing and measuring
K-2 Science Three States of Water, The
K-2 Language Winter Fun
K-2 Language Writing an entertaining story beginning...
K-2 Language "Good News" A Unit on Retelling
K-2 History / Social Studies Getting to Know My Community
K-2 Science Multicultural Food Guide Pyramid, The
K-2 Language Keys to Comprehension
K-2 Science The Life Cycle of Butterflies
K-2 Language Making Predictions
K-2 Language All about me
K-2 Language Famous Black Americans
K-2 Science Marine Life & the Oceans of the World
K-2 Science Teeth
K-2 Math Shapes to Solid
K-2 Science Sink or Float
K-2 History / Social Studies All about me: Who I am and where I'm from
K-2 Language Friends
K-2 Language Farm Animals
K-2 Science The Food Pyramid: Steps to a Healthier You
K-2 Science The Structure and Function of Living Things
K-2 Science Animal Research Project
K-2 Science Space: The Moon
K-2 Language The Three Billy Goats Gruff
K-2 Language Fairy Tales Unit: The Three Little Pigs
K-2 Science A Kindergarten Exploration of Fabrics
K-2 Science All About Apples!
K-2 Language Getting to Know Us/Look at me now
K-2 Math Measurement
K-2 Science Plants
K-2 Language Letter Writing
K-2 Language Signficant Tasks 1&2
K-2 Language Personal Expository
K-2 Language Feelings
K-2 Science Nutrition
K-2 Science Solids and Liquids
K-2 Science Soils
K-2 Science Buggin' Out
K-2 Language Narrative Nonfiction: All About Me
K-2 Math MIF: Chaptr 1 Less. 1-4
K-2 Math MIF: Chaptr 1 Less. 5-8
K-2 Language How Writers Work
K-2 Math MIF Chprt 1 Less. 1-4 and Telephone
K-2 Language Big Day for Pre-K
K-2 Language 5 Modified Grade 2 Units
K-2 Language Farm Animals
K-2 Science Life Cycle of a Butterfly
K-2 Science What is the World Made of?
K-2 Science Under the Sea: A Kindergarten Science Unit About Ocean Life
K-2 Math Investigating Addition and Subtraction
K-2 Language Wildlife
K-2 Science Frogs and Toads
Grades Subject Title