English Learners (ELS) In Education

The TAT Program publishes quarterly newsletters throughout each academic year.  The newsletter, titled ELs in Education, reports on current research from the field, showcases best practices for ELs in the classroom (actual teacher made modifications), bullets facts and statistics about Connecticut's ELs, and announces timely events. 

Issue #1, Winter 2012 (Jan)
Issue #2, Spring 2012 (May) 
Issue #3, Fall 2012 (October)
Issue #4, Winter 2013 (Jan)
Issue #5, Summer 2013 (July)
Issue #6, Fall 2013 (October) 
Issue #7, Winter 2014 (Jan)
Issue #8, Spring 2014 (May)
Issue #9, Fall 2014 (September)
Issue #10, Winter 2015 (January)

Most recent:
Issue #11, Spring 2015 (May)

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