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Professional Development

The Training for All Teachers Program provides professional development to K-12, public school educators and administrators throughout Connecticut.

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Our Basic Workshop (for educators with little to no training in best practices for ELs)
The workshop consists of four stand-alone but interrelated modules and a follow-up applied component. Each module consists of 2.5 hours for a total of 10 hours of instruction, which can be delivered in two, three or four sessions. The topics of the modules are as follows:

1. Laying the Foundation: Debunking the Myths about English Learners
2. Making Content (Input) Comprehensible
3. Engaging the English Learners: Creating Opportunities for Interaction
4. Sheltered Instruction: Putting it All Together

By participating in the workshop, teachers will learn the best practices for English learners. They will learn how to make modifications in curriculum in the content areas and instructional strategies to enhance opportunities for engagement for their ELs.

Lorrie Verplaetse, Project Director of the TAT Program

Our Advanced Workshop (for completers of the Basic Workshop)
In addition to the basic trainings listed above the Program offers an advanced training. The advanced training is comprised of four modules, each approximately 2.5 hours, which are interrelated, but not necessarily interdependent. Topics include: literacy development for English learners, assessment practices for English learners, peer coaching, and how to differentiate between learning disability and language development.