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What Works in Connecticut

While delivering our PD workshops in the last six years, many educators have posed questions about what and how similar districts educate their English learners.   How do they educate their newcomers?  What do they use for assessment tools to accurately measure growth in the ELs?  How do they design secondary bilingual programs?  All great questions.  In our experience, we've seen and heard some really great things happening around our state and wanted to create a means to share these stories.  What Works in Connecticut was born, with the idea to disseminate success stories of effectively educating our ELs throughout the state and beyond.   

What Works in Connecticut is a compilation of vignettes detailing successes in all areas of education with regard to ELs (assessment, parental involvement, instructional strategies, etc.) and will be published annually.
Volume 1, 2013


Visual summary of sheltered strategies for ELsUPDATE about WWinCT Progress (2017):
While we had planned to publish more vignettes detailing What Works in CT among teachers and administrators, we decided (largely based on feedback) to SHOW rather than TELL in the hopes you'll become more ENGAGED with the successful practices.  We've produced several videos from classrooms led by SCSU TAT Scholars and are in the post production process this summer.  We hope to upload new videos of What Works in CT before you return to your classrooms this fall 2017!  We appreciate your patience.