Students and Authorized Users can pay their Admission Confirmation and Housing deposits online through eBill.


Log in to MySCSU; click on Banner Web; select Student Services; click "View EBill or Make Payment;" and click the View bills and make payment button.

Authorized Users

Log in via the eBill + Payment Suite log in page.

Once logged in, click on the eDeposits tab at the top of the page.


Under Make a Deposit Payment for Term select the term/semester (e.g. Fall, Spring) that you wish to make the deposit for from the drop-down menu; click the Select button.

Make a Deposit Payment for Term

 Under Make a Deposit Payment select the deposit type that you wish to make payment for (e.g. Admission, Housing) from the drop-down menu; click the Select button.

Make Deposit Payment

Note: The admission deposit assures your place in the entering class; the housing deposit is required as part of the housing application process.

The deposit details will be displayed, review the details and click the Continue button.

Review Deposit Details

Next, select the payment method desired. If a student or authorized user has no saved payment methods only the "Credit Card via Pay Path *" or "ATM Debit Card" option will be available form the drop down menu.

Select the desired payment type and click the Continue button, or to make a payment from a new checking account, select the Profile Payment link that appears Select Payment Method drop down menu. (Click here to learn more about setting up an eCheck payment profile.)


Users will enter their payment information or confirm a saved profile payment account to process their deposit payment.