Payment Plans

SCSU offers web-based, interest-free, Payment Plans!

Southern Payment Plans help students and their families budget the cost of tuition and fees by spreading payments over the course of the semester. Payment Plans are fast, affordable and easy to manage.

With a Southern Payment Plan you can:

Setup automatic payments using an electronic check

View a list of account charges, credits and financial aid awards to create a plan that’s right for you (Payment Plan options will take into account all actual charges, credits and anticipated financial aid currently on your student account).

Receive real time email notifications and payment plan recalculations as your account status changes.
Convenience to access and review your account activity anytime, anywhere.

How to Enroll

Students and authorized users can enroll easily into a Southern Payment Plan through SCSU's secure eBill web site.

STUDENTS: Log in to MySCSU. Click on Banner Web. In Banner Web select Student Services; click "View EBill or Make Payment" and click View bills and make payment button.

AUTHORIZED USERS: Log in via the eBill + Payment Suite log in page.

Select the Payment Plan tab.

Payment Plans

On the Plan Enrollment Page under the select Payment Plan page, you will be prompted to select the term you wish to view payment plans for. Choose the appropriate term from the drop down menu and click the Select button.

Plan Enrollment

The payment plan options for the selected term will be displayed. Choose the desired payment plan from the drop down menu and click the Select button.

Select Payment Plan

Review the budget worksheet and overview of the selected payment plan options and click the Continue button to begin the schedule payment plan process.

Payment Plan Enrollment

On the Schedule Payment Plan screen click the Display Payment Schedule to continue setting up your payment plan.

Schedule Payment Plan

You have the option of adjusting your Down Payment. By default the minimum down payment is provided. You can increase the down payment, which will lower future plan payments. To adjust your down payment amount, enter the desired amount and click the Recalculate Payment Schedule button.

Payment Plan

Next, select if you would like your payments to occur automatically or if you want to come back to the site each month to make payment. (Note: You cannot set up automatic payments with credit card via PayPath.) After selecting the desired option click Continue.

NOTE: If you are making your down payment using a credit card via PayPath, you cannot setup automatic payments as each payment must be individually authorized, please select "No, I do not want to set up payments" to ensure your payment plan enrollment is successfully completed.

Set up Automatic Payments

If you selected "Yes, I want to set up my payments. Let me choose the payment method that will automatically be used to make a payment on each due date." you will be prompted to select your down payment and monthly payment method from a saved electronic check payment method (checking account) or debit card.

If you selected "No, I don't want to set up payments. I will come back and make each payment on or before the due date." you will be prompted to select your down payment method from any saved accounts you might have, a checking account, debit cardor credit cardvia PayPath.

After selecting your payment method you will be required to review and agree to the Payment Plan Agreement. After careful review of the plan agreement check the box next to I Agree and click the Continue button.

Payment Plan Agreement

Payments with credit card will be processed via PayPath and users will be taken prompted for their payment information in PayPath and will be able to return back to their eBill account after their payment is processed.

Once you are successfully enrolled in your payment plan you can review your plan enrollment. You will see all payment due dates and amounts. You can make partial payments or pay off the remaining balance at any time under the Payments screen.

Additional Information

For additional information and examples of Southern Payment Plans, click here to view the Southern Payment Plan brochure.