eBill + Payment Suite allows students and authorized users to make payments to their student accounts at any time, using debit card, credit card or eChecks.

Payment Types

Credit Card
Debit Card
eCheck (Electronic Check)

To make an online payment:

Students: Log in to MySCSU; click on Banner Web; select Student Services; click "View EBill or Make Payment;" and click the View bills and make payment button.

Authorized Users: Log in to eBill via the eBill + Payment Suite log in page.

Once logged in to eBill, users can click on the Payments link in the top navigation bar.

Click the Make a Payment button.

On the Account Payment screen, users must select a payment Option:

Current statement allows users to pay the current account statement balance (this balance may not include anticipated credits; including financial aid, credits, grants, etc.).
Amount due allows users to pay the total amount due (this balance includes anticipated credits).
Pay by term allows users to pay a balance due for a specific term.

Enter a payment amount (if applicable). Users can also type in a custom memo (or note) related to the payment for their reference. Click the Continue button.

On the Payment Method screen users can make payment using a saved eCheck or Debit Card account, or select Credit Card via Pay Path * to make a credit card payment. Select the desired payment method from the drop down "Payment Method" options and click Select.

Based on your payment method, users will be directed to confirm your payment amount and source.

Saved Payment Methods: users will confirm the payment amount and saved payment method.
ATM/Debit Card users will be asked to input their card information and then confirm payment.
Credit card users will be directed to Pay Path to process their credit card payment and then confirm their payment.

Once your payment method and amount is confirmed, your payment will be processed and you will receive a receipt.