Housing & Meal Plan Refund Policies

Farnham Residence HallThe following is Southern Connecticut State University's refund policies for residence life and meal plan fees.

It is the student's responsibility to complete the housing withdrawal form and to submit it to the Office of Residence Life for processing. The amount of the refund (if any) is based on the date the student officially withdraws from housing and/or whether or not the student officially withdraws from the university also.

Once its determined that a student is eligible for a refund, it may take up to 14 days to have a refund issued. Students must activate (set) their refund preference, otherwise their refund may be significantly delayed. Click here to learn more about selecting your refund preference.


Click here for information on verifying and changing your address.

Click here for specific dates regarding refund schedules listed below.

Residence Life Fees

Student who withdraws from the University:

• 100% refund, less the housing deposit, for withdrawal up to and including the first day of University-wide classes as defined by the published university calendar.

• 90% of the balance, less the housing deposit, will be refunded during the first week of university-wide classes.

• 60% of the balance, less the housing deposit, will be refunded during the second week of university-wide classes.

• 40% of the balance, less the housing deposit, will be refunded during the third and fourth weeks of university-wide classes.

• No refund after the fourth week of University-wide classes.

Above refunds assume that applicable charges were paid in full, otherwise student may actually owe a balance to SCSU.

Students who remain enrolled, but withdraw from the University Housing:

• Upon withdrawal from University housing up to and including May 31, 100% of the housing charges, less the housing deposit, will be removed from the student's account.

• No refunds for students who withdraw from housing on or after June 1 (academic year) or December 1 (spring term - for those students who plan to enter housing for the first time in the spring), unless otherwise approved through a review process.

Housing Cancellation fee

Students who wish to cancel their housing contract/assignment must follow the process outlined by the Office of Residence Life.

Students who request to cancel their housing contract/assignment will automatically be released for the following reasons:

• The student is participating in an internship, co-op, study abroad, student teaching, or other academic obligation that reduces or eliminates their need for on-campus housing.

• The student has medical reasons for cancellation that are verified by University Health Service staff.

• The student has graduated from the University before the end of the contract period.

• The student has officially withdrawn from the University.

Meal Plan

• Refundable, on a daily prorated basis, upon withdrawal from University Housing or the University. Full weeks will be used to be prorated.