Veteran Tuition Waiver

Under Connecticut state statutes, tuition at Connecticut public colleges and universities may be waived for eligible veterans.The state tuition waiver also covers the amount of tuition which exceeds the tuition benefit received under the federal 2008 Post-9/11 Veteran Educational Assistance Act.

College costs other than tuition - such as books, student activity and course fees, parking and room and board are not waived.


Veterans who initially qualify for the in-state CT tuition waiver at the time of admission may opt to attend either full time or part time. The tuition portion of the tuition and fees bill is waived at one-hundred percent (100%) for full-time and part-time students for the fall and spring semesters; other applicable fees must be paid each semester. One-half (50%) of the per credit courses fees is waived for part time students to include summer, winter and intersession courses as provided for in a CSU Board of Trustees resolution. The registration fee and other applicable fees must be paid at the time of registration. 


Out-of-state students who have a CT address at the time of admission are eligible for the waiver only when in full-time attendance (no part-time, summer, winter or intersession eligibility).  If CT State residence is attained later in school attendance, the original qualification at initial acceptance remains - qualification for the waiver is not retroactive.

Payment Responsibility

Responsibility for payment of other charges such as student fees, course fees, room and board, and books remains with the student.  Southern offers payment plans to allow veteran students to break down their portion of their education expenses into easy to manage installments rather than one lump sum and/or to help them make payment arrangements while they are awaiting receipt their VA benefits; please contact the Bursar's Office at (203)392-6140 for more information. 


How to Qualify for the Veteran Tuition Waiver

SCSU Veteran Tuition Waiver Application