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What's New in Finance and Administration

Please be advised that the STANDARD mileage rate has been INcreased from 53.5 cents per mile to 54.5 cents per mile.

The new mileage reimbursement rate is effective for travel on or after January 1, 2018 for employees using personally owned vehicles on official state business. If you have any questions please contact Renee Knight in the Travel Office at x25455, or Tim Krauss, Interim Accounts Payable Coordinator, at x27244.

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Fiscal Year End

The University's fiscal year ends June 30. Your assistance is important for the year-end closing. As the fiscal year end approaches, each department should review their current financial status and identify any revenue opportunities and/or expenses that should be recognized in current fiscal year, including the following:

  • Outstanding Encumbrances
  • Cash Collections
  • Unbilled Revenues
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts Payable

If your department has any of the above mentioned items be sure to refer to the Fiscal Year End Process.

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Wanted: Your Cost-Saving Ideas 

Last year we solicited your ideas on how to reduce expenses.  Seventy-six suggestions provided ideas about ways in which the  University could reduce expenses by conserving energy, using less office supplies, and taking advantage of technology, just to name a few.  As we move into the new academic year, Southern's budget continues to face many challenges.  Consequently, we continue to welcome your ideas on how to operate the university more efficiently and cost effectively. 

We encourage you to submit your ideas for cost savings for consideration. The University Budget and Planning Committee will continue to review all suggestions in light of our budgetary situation and will make recommendations to the administration on their implementation.


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