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How to register

If you would like to take a course at Southern and you have never applied to the university, please complete the Web Registration Form for Visiting Students in order to receive a student identification number for Web registration.  To fill out the form please click here.

Students who want to Petition for an Irregular Schedule or register for Independent Study must register in person at the Registrar's Office in the Wintergreen Building.

Guide to Registration & Bill Payment

The following Guide to Registration & Bill Payment provides step-by-step instructions for online course registration and bill payment through Southern's MySCSU Banner Web Services and eBill+ Payment Suite.


If you receive any of the following messages when you attempt to register, further action is needed. The Registrar's Office can not override any of these restrictions. Please see below for more information.

Prereq & Test Score:  Prerequisite classes/tests are needed before you will be allowed to take this course.  Permission must come from the department.

Dept. Chair:  Department Chairperson permission is needed to take this course.

Class Restriction:  Typically this means that this class is reserved for students with Junior and Senior status.  This is, however, a general error and can apply to other, less common restrictions.  Permission must come from the department.

Major Restriction:  This class is closed to everyone except majors of the department.  Permission must come from the department.

Academic Advisement:  This course is for students coming through Academic Advisement.  Permission must come from Academic Advisement.

Disability Resources:  This course is for students coming through the Disability Resource Program.  Permission must come from the Disability Resource Office.

Links:  This course is for students who signed up to be in the LINKS program.  Permission must come from the Links Coordinator.

Time Conflict:  The class you are trying to register for meets at the same time as another course you have already registered for (CRN for conflicting course should be listed).  Permission must come from the instructors of both courses. 

When you have completed your registration, click on Return to Menu at the top right side of the window.  YOU MUST then click on the Pay Bill link. Summer tuition must be paid within 24 hours of registration. If you need assistance with paying online, contact Student Accounts at (203) 392-6140. If you want to pay in person, you can just close out of the program and go to the Student Accounts Office, located in the front of the Wintergreen Building. 

Helpful Hints

  • Undergraduates cannot register for 500 level classes without a petition for an irregular schedule these are graduate level courses.
  • The maximun number of credits you are allowed to register for is listed on the add/drop screen after you register.  You cannot exceed the maximum credits without a petition for an irregular schedule.
  • Please be sure to check if a class requires a prerequisite before adding the course.  Prerequisites are listed in the current schedule of classes under the course title.

*If any of the policies listed above are violated you will be dropped from those courses. 

Process Unofficial Degree Evaluation

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your MySCSU username
  3. Enter your MySCSU password
  4. Click Login
  5. Click BannerWeb 
  6. Click Student Services
  7. Click Student Records
  8. Click Degree Evaluation
  9. You will be prompted for the term (if you have not already selected) Click submit.
  10. View your curriculum. (Note: if your major is incorrect, you need to complete a selection of major form with the department of the correct major.)
  11. Click one of the links at the bottom of the page: Generate New Evaluation or What-If Analysis


Generate New Evaluation

To process a degree evaluation based on your current curriculum.

  1. Click the Program Radio Button - (This is a step that most people miss.)
  2. Select Evaluation Term:  latest term for which you have registered (if you have already registered for the next term, use that term so that any courses you are registered for will be included in the evaluation.)
  3. Click Generate Request:  Only click it once, it may take a few seconds to process.
  4. Select Detail Requirements.  


What If Analysis

To Process a Degree Evaluation for an alternate Program/Major/Concentration

  1. Select Entry Term (your catalog term, the term you matriculated to the university.) Click continue.
  2. Select a program from the drop down menu.  Click add more.
  3. Select a concentration from Concentration 1 drop down menu.  The list of choices is typically anywhere from 1-6 choices.  If you get a very long list select none and click Submit.
  4. Select Evaluation term:  latest term for which you are registered.
  5. Click generate request:  Only click once, it may take afew seconds to process.
  6. Select Detail Requirements. (Do not select printer friendly version.)

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