Frequently Asked Questions for Parents and Families of Prospective Students


Parents breakfastWelcome, parents! Below are some general answers to common questions. While we can't anticipate every question and concern, readers with questions unaddressed by this FAQ shouldn't hesitate to ask them -- staff, students, and faculty are all willing and eager to help prospective students and their families learn about Southern Connecticut State University. 

1. We're considering SCSU as our child's college choice. Do you recommend visiting the campus before applying, and how can we arrange a visit?
  SCSU is a flourishing community of more than 12,000 students located less than three miles from downtown New Haven, near the artsy and historic Westville Village section of the city. We definitely recommend that you and your child visit our campus, either before applying or immediately after submitting an application. A student Ambassador will happily give you a tour of the campus and answer any questions you may have, and an admissions counselor will explain the application and admissions process. Our financial aid coordinator is also available to discuss any concerns regarding financing your child's education. Contact the Office of Admissions at (203) 392-5644 or today to register for a personal tour. Don't forget to stop by our new fitness center and student union!
2. When should my child submit her/his application for admissions?
  To ease the application process we recommend that you file your application for the Fall semester by April 1 and for the Spring semester by December 1.
3. How will SCSU notify my child of its decision regarding the application for admission?
  All students are notified through the mail regarding the outcome of the application evaluation. Prospective students are also encouraged to check their admission application status online.  Directions for accessing this information is sent directly to prospective students once they apply to the University.
4. Are admission requirements for out-of-state students different than those for in-state students?
  No, all students are evaluated in the same manner. However, in-state and some regional students are eligible for reduced tuition.
5. When will my child need to declare his/her major?
  More than half of incoming freshmen do not declare a major. Two year state college graduates, however, must declare their preferred major field of concentration at the time they apply for admission to the baccalaureate program We encourage students to begin to explore a major area of study as soon as possible. Students are not limited to any major and may change at any time. However, students should not adopt the narrow perspective of only focusing on the university's "general requirements." If this is done for the first three to four semesters, students will find themselves with only major area courses and a few electives that need to be taken. Many major course areas need prerequisites, or only a selected few of the courses may be offered during a particular semester. This situation could postpone a student's graduation.
6. How much access will my child have to faculty?
  With a students to faculty ratio of 15:1, students find it easy to keep in touch and develop strong relationships with faculty. All faculty keep office hours equal to the hours they are in the classroom. Information about the faculty member's office hours is always included in the course syllabus, and students are encouraged to take advantage of this time. In addition, e-mail and the internet have opened up whole new avenues for communication between students and faculty, making it even easier to stay in touch.
7. Can my child start and finish his/her entire education at SCSU?
  Yes. The university offers undergraduate bachelor's degree programs in liberal arts and in professional studies, and bachelor of science degrees in education with teacher certification. Within the School of Graduate Studies, the university offers programs of study leading to master's degrees and/or sixth year professional diplomas as well as a doctoral program in Educational Administration and Leadership
8. Is help available if my child is having trouble in class?
  All professors hold office hours and encourage students to both ask questions and work collaboratively amongst themselves.

Moreover the Tutorial Center, our Center for Academic Achievement at SCSU, is a resource for students who are having difficulty with a particular course as well as for students who aim to maintain a high academic standing. The Tutorial Center provides information and academic enrichment for all students seeking assistance in writing, math, science, and nearly all other courses offered at SCSU. Assistance may be provided by a professional academic assistant or by a trained student tutor. All services are free and available upon request.
9. Can my child live on campus, and if so, can he/she bring a car?
  Yes, the Department of Housing and Residence Life provides on-campus living accommodations for undergraduate and graduate students who meet established eligibility criteria. Eligible upperclass returning students participate in a formal room-selection process during the spring semester of each year. Incoming freshmen are typically assigned accommodations in Chase Hall, Farnham Hall, Hickerson Hall, Neff Hall, Wilkinson Hall or in West Campus Residence Complex. Incoming transfer students are placed in double rooms or in apartment-style housing, based on total academic credits transferred into Southern, on a space-available basis. Residence Life issues all parking decals, including overnight and visitor passes, for all students residing in the residence halls. However, parking spaces for students who live on-campus are extremely limited as Southern serves a large population of commuter students.
10. My child has a disability. Whom should we contact at SCSU to discuss disability issues?
  SCSU is committed to providing access to a quality education for students, including those with documented disabilities. Please consult the Disability Resource Center homepage for further information (including contact information):
11. How much does it cost to attend SCSU?
  SCSU offers an excellent value for a quality education with a reputation for excellence. SCSU establishes tuition rates and fees for all students each year in July. For the most up to date information please consult the following website:
12. How can I find out if my child is eligible for financial aid?
  In order to receive student financial assistance at Southern Connecticut State University, you: -Must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen of the United States
-Must be registered with the Selective Service Administration (if a male)
-Must be formally admitted by the Office of Admission by the financial aid's "priority" date
-Must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by our "priority" date
-Must be enrolled for a minimum of six credit hours per semester
-Must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) - see policy at:
13. What is the SCSU Federal school code number?
  The SCSU federal code is 001406. This and other information can also be found on the university's Financial Aid website: (see: How to Apply for Financial Aid)
14. What is the deadline for applying for financial aid?
  For the most up to date deadline and calendar information please consult the following website:
15. If we own a house in Connecticut, are we eligible for CT residency?
  To qualify for in-state tuition, your family needs to reside in Connecticut. Owning a house in Connecticut alone does not qualify a student for CT residency tuition. To change your child's status from out-of-state to in-state, you will need proof of residency, including CT income tax and Federal income tax forms for the most current year. Students residing in New England states are eligible for "New England Regional" tuition.
16. Will I have access to my child's grades?
  Due to federal regulations, parents do not have access to their child's grades. Only if the student gives written permission to the Registrar's office can grades be released to parents.Additional information on FERPA regulations can be viewed here:
17. Does the university require students to have health insurance?
  Yes. The university requires mandatory health insurance for all full-time students unless you are covered by other medical insurance. The company's name is The Chickering Group. If you already have health insurance and wish to waive the health insurance charge on the bill, you must go on the Web as follows: Go to then click on "student connection" and then search by school name. If you have any questions concerning the health insurance, please contact The Chickering Group toll-free at 877-375-4244 or visit their Web site. The deadline for submitting a waiver for spring 2007 health insurance is February 9, 2007. If you do not waive your health insurance by the waiver date, you will be responsible for payment of the charge.
18. How can I notify my health insurance company that my child is a full-time student?
  The simplest way is for your child to request an enrollment verification. To request a verification of degree, enrollment, or graduation, you should submit a written request with your name, Social Security Number, student ID #, semester to be verified, address to mail verification to or fax number to send verification to, and your signature. No e-mail requests are allowed. Verification of enrollment is not available for a semester unless the semester has begun. To download a verification form click here (link - ). Fax the completed form to (203) 392-5320. Or, you may contact the National Student Clearinghouse. Southern Connecticut State University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications. The National Student Clearing House can be contacted by: Web:
Fax: (703) 742-4239
Mail: National Student Clearinghouse
13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171
19. What if I cannot pay my child's tuition bill by the due date?

The information below is reproduced from the following website which contains further information and links:

If you have an outstanding debt in the Business Office, an unpaid library fine, outstanding parking fines or unpaid housing fees a block will be placed against your registration. You will not be permitted to register until you clear these obligations. Late Payment Fee
All students who do not completely pay all tuition and fees by the due date must pay a late payment fee of $50. Additionally, the University may assess a 1.5 percent per month charge on any unpaid balances after the due date. These charges will be added to the outstanding balance. Return Check/Credit Card Chargeback Fee
When a banking institution refuses to honor a check or credit card made payable to SCSU, a charge of $50.00 will be assessed and we may cancel the service purchased. Restitution can be made by paying the $50, plus the cost of the service and any applicable fees, with cash, money order, or certified check. Failure to do so will result in referral to a collection agency. Re-registration Fee
Students failing to pay their fees when due, will have their scheduled of courses dropped before the term begins. A non-refundable re-registration fee of $100.00 will be charged to those registering again for the same term.

20. How safe is the campus?
  Southern Connecticut State University has its own police department that monitors the campus 24 hours a day. The Police Department also provides 24-hour escort services on campus. Students are assigned university ID cards and PINs which they are required to use to gain entrance to residence halls and buildings. Also see: