Writing Across the Curriculum Committee

The writing program at Southern is overseen by the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee (WACC). Members of WACC are appointed jointly by the chair of the Undergraduate Curriculum Forum (UCF) and the vice president for academic affairs.

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee(WACC)

Chair and Interim Director of WAC:

Dr. Kimberly Lacey

Nursing, NU 101-C

(203) 392-6475


WACC Members

2010- 2011 Academic Year WAC Committee

 Name                    Department                    Role

Astrid Eich-krohm    SOC                              Secretary

Nancy Marano         EDU                               Member

Kate Marsland         PSY                               Chair

Deborah Smith        REC                               Member

David Petroski        COM                               Member

Karen Burke            MDS                               Member

Stephen Corbett     Composition Rep             Ex-Officio

Tom Ferrucci          Writing Center Director    Ex-Officio