The safety of our students is the top priority of all the members of the Southern Connecticut State University community. We are also committed to keeping the members of the university community aware of important -- and, at times, urgent -- matters through multiple communication channels. Those channels include text messaging, emails, the university Web site, the WeatherChek snowline, phone calls, voice over fire alarms and the media.

As part of its continuing efforts to enhance the safety and security of the Southern community, the university has established an Emergency Notification System (the SCSUALERT system), in conjunction with MIR3, Inc., a leading national firm in emergency notification. 

This system permits the university to distribute information via telephone, e-mail, text message, and/or voice message. The university employs the system:

Any message sent during such routine testing is identified as such.    

The system is designed to provide our students, staff and faculty with an additional layer of security and protection in emergency response, in conjunction with other well-established emergency communication methods, such as university-wide broadcast emails, online updates via the university homepage, voice over fire alarms, the WeatherChek snowline and coordinated use of public media outlets.

Although the system is optional and voluntary, the university strongly urges each member of the university community to take advantage of the SCSUALERT system.  Should you decide to do so, it is your responsibility to:

You may also provide contact information for other persons you wish to receive notifications via the SCSUALERT system. 

In determining the method by which notification is to be made, please be aware that you, and those persons you additionally list, may incur charges for receiving cell-phone and text messages sent via the SCSUALERT system. By providing contact information for purposes of receiving emergency notifications via the SCSUALERT, you are acknowledging that you, and those persons you additionally list, will be responsible for the payment of any charges assessed by the carrier.

The university has arranged to provide the Emergency Notification System as part of a broader system for notifying members of the campus community of emergencies by which they may be affected.  However, the university cannot and does not guarantee that any particular message will be received by every person who has provided contact information.   

The effectiveness of this notification system depends upon individuals providing accurate and up-to-date personal contact information. Please be sure to update your information whenever your cell phone or other data changes, so that the Emergency Notification System will have the most current information, which will better enable us to contact you.

how to register

By logging in to the Emergency Notification System you acknowledge that you have read the above information.  Please follow the following steps to provide notification information:

NOTE: Please print the instructions below before you click on the link listed below. This will be helpful in creating a new account. If you would like to receive text messages in addition to phone calls on your mobile number, you must enter your cell phone number in desired cell phone section and again in the desired cell phone section labeled Txt/Msg. Inclement Weather alerts sent out on the SCSU Alert system go out as text messages only.

1.       Go to:
2.      Click on CREATE ACCOUNT.
3.      Enter your university email address.
4.      You will receive a temporary password, sent to your university email.
5.      Using your university email address and temporary password, you can now enter the system to input your data.
6.      Once on the data entry page, you may change your password, and input your information (such as cell phone number).
7.      Once date entry is complete, click CONFIRM. You are now registered.

to Unsubscribe from scsu alert

Contact the SCSU Help Desk at (203) 392-5123.