Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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Earth Science

ANDERSON, Christine25835  
BALSLEY, Christopher, Mr.27211  
BOYLE, James, Mr.27211  
COBURN, Daniel, Mr.27211  
COOPER, Jennifer, Ms.25842  
CORON, Cynthia, Dr.25840  
FLEMING, Thomas, Dr.25837  
FULLMER, James, Dr.25841  
GOLDER, Keenan, Mr.27211  
KNELL, Michael, Dr.25836  
LEE-GORISHTI, Yolanda, Ms.27211  
RUMRILL, Julie, Ms.25842