Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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ALLAN, Sean26726  
ASMUS, Pamela, Dr.26726  
BABBITT, Catherine26726  
BARAW, Charles, Dr.26733  
BASS, Allison25112  
BLACKMER, Corinne, Prof.26730  
BRIERLEY, Sean26726  
CHAMBERLAIN, Francis, Mrs.26726  
CHURCH, Lois26726  
CRAWFORD, Ilene, Dr.27051  
DECAPUA, Sarah25137  
DODSON, Joel, Dr.26903  
DUNN, Margaret, Ms.26964  
ELLIS, Scott26742  
FERRUCCI, Thomas J., Mr.26824  
FISCHER, Stephanie27099  
FITZGERALD, Jean T., Mrs.26726  
FLUHR, Nicole M., Dr.26739  
GUARINO, Jennifer  
HENDERSON, Nicole, Ms.26196
HOCHMAN, Will25024  
HOLBROOK, Sue Ellen, Dr.26740  
HUSK, Jenny26726  
HUTCHINSON, Brandon, Dr.26720  
INCAMPO, Jean26726  
JOHNSON, Brian, Mr.27049  
JUDD, Amy, Ms.26726  
KALBFLEISCH, Elizabeth, Dr.26732  
KERR, Audrey, Dr.25114  
KEYLOCK, Lee26726  
KOONZE, Megan26726  
KOSTKA, Edith A., Dr.28934  
LAMONT, Catherine26726  
LAROCCO, Steven M., Dr.25494  
LEHNES, Katherine26726  
LISTRO, Stephen A., Mr.26726  
LUBRANO, Linda26726  
MAGAS, Jennifer26726  
MCBRINE, Patrick, Dr.26743  
MCEACHERN, Isabel B., Mrs.26726  
MCEACHERN, Robert, Dr.25526  
MCGUIRE, Robert  
MCKEE, Valerie26726  
MENNILLO, Lynn26726  
MERLO, Michele26726  
MOCK, Jeff, Mr.25527  
NEVEROW, Vara S., Dr.26717  
NOLAN, Sharon, Ms.26726  
OGBAA, Kalu, Dr.26738  
PARRISH, Timothy L., Mr.26745  
PEPPER, W. Thomas26726  
PETRIE, Paul R., Dr.26757  
QUIELLO, Rose26726  
RHODES, James F., Dr.26726  
RIZZA, Anne26726  
ROSSO, G. Anthony, Dr.26744  
SCHILPP, Margot, M.25527  
SHEA, Michael, Dr.26741  
SHIPLEY, Vivian C., Dr.26737  
SINCLAIR, Meredith N., Dr.27048  
SINCLAIR, Peter27155  
SMITH, Tanya, Mrs.26710  
SMYTH, Andrew, Dr.25113  
SONNENSCHEIN, Dana L., Dr.26735  
STRETCH, Cynthia A., Dr.25525  
STYGARES, Janusz, Mr.26726  
TALHELM, Melissa A., Dr.26895  
TROY, Robin E., Ms.29636  
WEINMANN, Leon, Dr.26726