Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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ABE, Jo Ann, Dr.26861  
ANTHIS, Kristine, Dr.25110  
BESSENOFF, Gayle, Dr.25561  
BILLUPS, Virlinda L., Mrs.26868  
BIONDI, Dawn, Ms.26890  
BORDNER, Kelly, Dr.26862  
BRADLEY, Elizabeth-Leigh, Mrs.26875  
BRANCAZIO, Lawrence, Dr.25111  
BURINSKAS, Paul, Mr.26875  
BUTUN, Kim, Mrs.26875  
CAPONE, Marguerite, Dr.26892  
CARRANO, Andrew, Mr.28886  
CARROLL, Deborah A., Dr.26878  
COLWELL, Kevin, Dr.26871  
CONNOLLY, James, Dr.26892  
DE LUCIA, Michele, Mrs.26890  
DURWIN, Cheryl C., Dr.25562  
ELIAS, Pamela26890  
GRIER-ROGERS, Aleesha, Dr.26875  
HAMEL, Ron, Mr.26868  
HAUSELT, W. Jerome, Dr.25243
HODES, Traci, Dr.26875  
IRWIN, Julia, Dr.28804  
JACOBS, John R., Dr.26873  
KAHLBAUGH, Patricia E., Dr.26891  
KRAEMER, Deborah, Dr.26867  
LAVIN, Beverly, Ms. 26892  
LEVEILLE, Madeleine, Dr.26892  
MACKEY, Jocelyn, Dr.26875  
MARSLAND, Katherine, Dr.26865  
MAZEN, Ragaa, Dr.26892  
MAZUR, James E., Dr.26876  
MOORE, Dina L., Dr.26860  
NOVOSAD, Claire, Dr.26863  
NUZZO, Ralph, Mr.26890  
O'SULLIVAN-VOLLEMANS, Mary, Mrs. 26890  
PERRONE, James, Dr. 26892  
RONDINONE, Tonya26890  
SANTARSIERO, Leonard, Dr.26875  
SAVARESE, Karen, Mrs.26890  
SAXON, Burt, Dr. 26892  
SHERMAN, William, Dr.26877  
STIVER, Kelly, Dr.26866  
SUCKLE-NELSON, Jessica, Dr.25860  
TAYLOR, Nan, Dr.26868  
WALTERS, Kenneth, Dr.26935  
WINSTON, Keisha, Dr.26875