Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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Management / MIS

BASSETT, Richard, Dr.26197  
DELUCA, Jane H.25850  
FRANK, Ellen J., Dr.25854  
GILL, Veronica, Ms.26518  
HOPKINS, Pamela, Dr.25052  
MABESOONE, Dan, Mr.25924  
NODOUSHANI, Omid, Dr.27030  
PAGE, Robert A., Dr.26139  
PARK, Mina, Dr.26659  
ROBBINS, Gregory, Dr.25865  
SMITH, Steven, Dr.25994  
STEPANOVICH, Paul, Dr.26549  
STEWART, Carol, Dr.25909  
VIGGIANI, Frances A., Dr.26638  
YANG, Chulguen, Dr.25144