Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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CADWALLADER, Rex, Dr.2-6625  
CAFASSO, Cynthia, Mrs. 25587  
CAGGINELLO, Joan B., Mrs.26487  
CALAHAN, Susan, Dr.25451  
CALANDRA, Conrad25393  
CALANDRO, Eddie G., Mr.26842  
CALDERON, Elsa26770  
CALIN, Costel, Dr.26038  
CAMERON, Mark, Dr.28900  
CAMMARASANA, Charlene28964  
CAMMARASANA, Charlene H., Mrs.28964  
CAMMARATA-GILHULY, Doreen, Mrs.28824  
CANNATELLI, Frank, Mr.28916  
CANNING, Ian M., Mr.25345  
CAPOBIANCO, Emily L.26646  
CAPONE, Marguerite, Dr.26892  
CAPPELLO, Paul A., Mr.25587  
CAPUANO, Richard26068  
CAPUTO, Mary Pat, Ms.26598  
CARDONE, Resha, Dr.26758  
CARL, Jessica 25900  
CARLI, Stephanie N.26101  
CARLINO, Andrea25367  
CARNEY, Pamela J., Ms.26080  
CARPENTIER, Robert26424  
CARR, Jeffrey H.26939  
CARR, T. Wiley, Mr.26636  
CARRANO, Andrew, Mr.28886  
CARRANO, Frank26507  
CARRIGAN, Braxton, Dr.26520  
CARRIGAN, Catie, Mrs.25868  
CARRINGTON, Carolyn C.2-6625  
CARROLL, Deborah A., Dr.26878  
CARROLL, Suzanne, Dr.26412  
CARSON, Darci, Ms.25075  
CARTER-DAVID, Siobhan, Dr.25858  
CASETTI, Dana, Dr.28923  
CASSELLA, Vincenzo25151  
CASUCCI, Armando25375  
CATHEY, Dawn28977  
CAVALLERO, Eric, Dr.26789  
CAVANAGH, Shirley B., Ms.25768  
CELENTANO, Thomas N., Mr.25771  
CHAMBERLAIN, Caroline, Ms.26133
CHAMBERLAIN, Francis, Mrs.26726  
CHAMBERLAIN, Michael, Mr.25892 
CHAMBERS, Oliver H., Mr.26851  
CHAN, Jian, Mr.26587  
CHANDLER, Jeremy26436  
CHANG, Ji-Youn, Ms.26100  
CHARPIE, John, Dr.  
CHATURVEDI, Gill, Mrs.27187  
CHEEVERS, Owen25196  
CHENG, June, Ms.25738  
CHENOWETH, Isabel E., Ms.26594  
CHEVAN, David, Dr.2-6630  
CHHABRA, Ajay, Mr.26852  
CHIN, Sherryl G., Mrs.26475  
CHINTAPALLI, Sangamithra, Dr. 
CHOI, Yunseon, Dr.25704  
CHRISSIDIS, Nikolaos A., Dr.25638  
CHRISTY, Catherine, Ms.26946  
CHRISTY, Chermele25433  
CHUCTA, Nancy M., Ms.25553  
CHURCH, Lois26726  
CIARLONE, Jane, Ms.25921  
CIMINO, Matthew, Mr.2-6625  
CIMINO, Michael A., Mr.26130  
CIOCIOLA, Carol A., Ms.25475  
CIPRIANO, Robert, Dr.26388  
CLARK, Aaron S, Dr.25590  
CLARK, Michael25821  
CLARK, Noel25892 
CLARK, Oscar25318  
CLARKE, Marsha26947  
CLARKE, Marsha26947  
CLEARY, Shawna, Ms.26703  
CLERC, Susan J., Dr.25735  
CLERMONT, Fred, Mr.26109  
CLOUD, Lisa., Mrs.25656  
CLOUGH, Rosa, Mrs.26400  
CLOUGH, Rosa, Mrs.26400  
COBURN, Daniel, Mr.27211  
COCA, Adiel, Dr.26982  
COCHENET, Gregory28880  
COGSWELL, Richard, Mr.26833  
COHANE, William T., Mr.26052  
COHEN, Adam25759  
COHEN, Adam, Mr.25759  
COHEN, Clifford25031  
COHEN, Lori, Miss25752  
COLBY, Thomas26818  
COLBY, Thomas26818  
COLE, Nate, Mr.26122  
COLE, Nathan S., Mr.26122  
COLLISON, Steven25088  
COLON, Edgar, Dr.26555  
COLWELL, Kevin, Dr.26871  
CONFORTI, Rosemarie J., Dr.25379  
CONIGLIO, Allen25821  
CONLEY, Marylou A., Ms.26599  
CONNOLLY, Frank25834  
CONNOLLY, James, Dr.26892  
CONSTANTINOPLE, Nicholas25891 
CONWAY, Carol, Mrs.25225  
COOK, Kenneth G.27093  
COOPER, Jennifer, Ms.25842  
COORDS, Kathleen, Ms.25600  
COPELAND, Deborah25375  
CORDERO, Emmanuel, Mr.25375 
CORDERO, Ivan26064  
CORDERO, Marlene, Mrs.25537  
CORON, Cynthia, Dr.25840  
COTA, Rosalie, Ms.27794  
COUTO, Cecilia26770  
COX, Ronald, Mr.25881 
COZZI, Elaine25132  
CRAKES, Gary, Dr.25615  
CRAWFORD, Ilene, Dr.27051  
CRAWFORD, Sarah C., Dr.26215  
CREAN, Mary, Ms.25973  
CREAN, Mary, Ms.25973  
CRERAR, Brad., Mr.25505  
CRERAR, Gregg, R.25518  
CRITZER, John, Dr.25658  
CROHN, Frank, Mr.28951  
CRONE, Kimberly, M., Ms.29999  
CRUZ, Jenny26130  
CUBITT, Mary, Mrs.25142  
CUDDIHEE, Robert26405  
CULMO, Carol A., Ms.25377  
CUMMINGS, Karen, Dr.27043  
CUNNINGHAM, Linda J., Ms.25980  
CUOMO, Larry R., Mr.25891  
CURLEY, Lisa M.26260  
CURLEY, Lisa M.26600  
CUSATO, Susan H., Dr.26610  
CUSATO, Susan, Dr.26610  
CYR, Jesse, Mr.26026  
CYR, Jesse, Mr.28784  
CYR, Jesse, Mr.28784