Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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HAAKONSEN, Alexis S. , Mrs. 25652  
HAIRSTON-HATTON, Sedell A., Mrs.26307  
HAMEL, Ron, Mr.26868  
HANKE, Alicia, MPH26950  
HANKEY, Todd A.25375
HANNAH, Corey M., Dr.27112  
HANNAH, Corey, Mr.27112  
HANSON, Craig J.25673  
HANSON, Jesse, Mr.25829  
HARDENBERG, Wendeline A.25734  
HARDING, Richard26100  
HARLOW, Renee, Ms.  
HARPER, Hillary, Ms.28925  
HARRIS, Carolyn L., Ms.25224  
HARRIS, Denina L.26132  
HARRIS, Edward A, Dr.25389  
HARRIS, III, Frank25804  
HARRIS, Kayla M., Ms.26314  
HARRY, Chelsea, Dr.26952  
HART, Elizabeth, Ms.27212  
HARTOG, Martin, Dr.25595  
HARUN, Harriet, Mrs. 25587  
HATCHER, Keith, Mr.26640  
HAUSELT, W. Jerome, Dr.25243
HAUSELT, W. Jerome, Dr.25243
HAWKINS, Lorraine, Dr.28951  
HAYDEN, Monike M.25375  
HAYNES, Norris M., Dr.26402  
HAYNES, Norris, Dr.26402  
HAZELWOOD, Eloise, MS26950  
HEBERT, Michele A., Ms.25955  
HEBERT, Michele A., Ms.25955  
HEDREEN, Rebecca, Ms.25753  
HEIDKAMP, Erin, Dr.26975  
HEIDKAMP, Patrick, Dr. ( Christian )25919  
HENDERSON, Nicole26196
HENDERSON, Nicole, Ms.26196
HERNANDEZ, Mildred, Ms.25491  
HERNANDEZ, Rafael, Dr.26202  
HERNDON, Jennifer26987  
HERNDON, Jennifer26987  
HETTRICK, Krystopher R.25375  
HICKS, Cynthia, Ms.25303  
HILDRETH-REED, Catherine, Ms26787  
HILL, Celeste25892 
HINDENLANG, Jane, Ms.25957  
HINDENLANG, Jane, Ms.25957  
HINES, Joseph26016  
HIRD, Annette, MPH26950  
HLAVAC, Craig D., Dr.26631
HOCHMAN, Will25024  
HOCURSCAK, Jennifer26849  
HODES, Traci, Dr.26875  
HOFFECKER, Megan, Ms.25213  
HOLBROOK, Sue Ellen, Dr.26740  
HOLDER-WINFIELD, Gary, Mr.25975  
HOLMER, Paul L., Dr.25746  
HONG, Jooyoun, Dr.25583  
HOOPER, Richard, Dr.25600  
HOPKINS, Pamela, Dr.25052  
HORBACHUK, Michael27018  
HORCH, Elliott26393  
HORELICK, Lisa A., Ms.25044  
HORVATH, Susan, Mrs.27233  
HOUGHTON, Craig25515  
HOWE, Esther, Dr.26562  
HUDA, Margaret E., Mrs.25251  
HUDSON, Jennifer A., Ms.25357  
HUEBNER, Sandra A., Mrs.28810  
HUGGINS, Percy Jr., Mr.25881 
HUGHES, Martha, Ms.26768  
HUMINSKI, Suzanne E.27135  
HUMINSKI, Suzanne E., Mrs.27154  
HURST, Matt26026
HURST, Matt26026
HURST, Matt26026
HUSK, Jenny26726  
HUTCHINSON, Brandon, Dr.26720  
HUTCHINSON, Nikki27114