Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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WAGGONER, Matthew, Dr.26787  
WALKER, Amanda K.26100  
WALKER, Donald, Mr.28944  
WALKER, Tonia A., Ms.25510  
WALKER, Xan F., Ms.26211  
WALLACE, Kimberly26704  
WALLIN, John, Mr.26023  
WALLIN, John, Mr.26023  
WALSH, David F., Dr.25663  
WALSH, James, Mr.26103  
WALSH, Jonathan28938  
WALTERS, Kenneth, Dr.26935  
WANG, Jan, Ms26506  
WANG, Yigui, Dr.  
WARREN, Kenneth, Mr.25800
WARREN, Kenneth, Mr.25389  
WARSHALL, Andrew, Mr.25587  
WASHINGTON, Aaron, Mr.25885  
WATERS, Mark, Mr.27078  
WATKINS, Megane26846  
WATSON, Carlton A., Mr.25268  
WATSON, Elie, Mr.25891 
WEAVER, Marenda, Mrs.25212  
WEBB, Jeffrey, Dr.25018  
WEBER, LeighAnn, Mrs.25291  
WEBSTER, Jr., Crawford26939  
WEEKS, Tracey, MS26950  
WEILER, Kelly25351  
WEILER, Margaret F., Mrs.25737  
WEINBAUM, Jonathan, Dr.26210  
WEINBEREGER, Meghan, Ms.25955  
WEINBERGER, Meghan, Ms.25955  
WEINMANN, Leon, Dr.26726  
WEISS, Deborah M., Dr.26615  
WELCH, Casey L., Ms.27201  
WELLES, Rebecca26100 
WENG, Maiowei, Dr.26764  
WENGENROTH, Raychel26651  
WEST, Eric, Dr.26693  
WEST, JULIA26770  
WESTRICK, Susan J., Dr.26482  
WETMORE, Gary25893 
WHELAN, Colby H., Mr.25268  
WHELAN, Patricia K.26536  
WHITE, Caitlyn, Ms.25152  
WHITE, Keith26066  
WHITE, Lamont, Mr.25881 
WIDENER, Emma26770  
WIGGINS, Johnna J., Mrs.25499  
WILK, Kim M., Mrs.25853  
WILLETTE, Kathryn25675  
WILLIAMS, Anne S., Mrs.25587  
WILLIAMS, Brendan, Mr.25615  
WILLIAMS, Vern, Mr.25800  
WILSON, Marvin25091  
WILSON, Melony, Mrs.25881 
WINSTON, Keisha, Dr.26875  
WOLFF-WILKINSON, Lila, Dr.26103  
WOODRUFF, Mary, Mrs.25834 & 25640  
WOODS, Lekeisha D., Ms.25012  
WORDEN, Barbara D., Dr.26563  
WORDEN, Barbara, Dr.26563  
WORKMAN, Robert25816  
Writing Center28967 
WSIN, General Manager27156 
WSIN, News Studio27158 
WU, JIAN26769  
WYNSCHENK, Chris26450